March 31, 2009

Preschool Dropout

So remember how Giggles has been going through a rough patch? For the past month or so, there has been a definite change in her behavior. She stopped wanting to go to ballet class, so we didn't make her go anymore. Then she started having potty accidents, which she never did before. She potty-trained super early (i.e. 27 months) and never looked back. Until now. And then last month, she decided that she didn't want to go to school anymore. We let her stay home a day here and a day there, and once she was at school she was totally fine and had fun. But she increasingly became more and more adamant about wanting to stay home. So we let her.

I figure she's still so young (she just turned 3) and she gave preschool a try for a good 6 months. She was doing wonderfully (writing her name, counting numbers, etc.) but I don't want to push her. After all, some kids don't go to school until Kindergarten. Maybe it was too much for her too soon. And I strongly believe that you have to know your child's personality and nuture it. But the director of the school, while supportive of our decision to keep her home, thinks that we should make her go to school because sometimes "parents have to push their babies out of the nest and let them fly." And I agree with her to a point. But I figure there's plenty of time for Giggles to her head back in the "school game." For now, she's soooo happy at home - playing to her heart's content and going for walks and entertaining her little brother - that I feel like she is her own speed.

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March 28, 2009

Big Announcement- Part II

Blogalicious Site Badge

Remember our Special Announcement from two short, yet amazing, weeks ago??

Well, you ladies have have just out done yourselves with the outpouring of love and support for the conference. When we say it has been an amazing two weeks, it has. Just amazing! Can you believe that we were actually nervous that there would be little interest in this conference and that it would just fly under the radar?

Boy were we wrong. We received so many emails, phone calls, and the like from so many of you just so excited about our girls getaway in Hotlanta. We already have almost 100 followers on Twitter, a long list of amazing women ready to speak at the conference, and inquiries from some super fabulous companies ready to work with all of us in Atlanta. (Sorry, we can't spill the beans just yet on these companies due to requests to keep this info top secret.)

Because you all are just so freakin' amazing, and because we need to get this show moving along, we are pleased to announce our Big Announcement Part II.


Ready???!!!! (*audience screams hysterically*)

The next 50 ladies that register for Blogalicious 2009, or if you register by 11:59 pm, April 15, 2009, (whichever of the two comes first), will be automatically entered to win one night free at our conference hotel. That's a prize worth $149.00, plus tax!! If you put our conference badge on your blog you are registered for two chances to win. And, if you tweet about this contest, you'll be entered for yet another chance to win!

So here are the rules:

1. Register for the conference here.

2. Leave your comment to this post telling us you registered.

3. If you post one of our conference badges on your site, include that in your comment as well.

4. If you tweet about this contest, include that in your comment too, along with the tweet url.

On your marks, get set, go!

Take your heels off before running to your computers, we don't want you to break your heel. 'Mkay?

P.S. If you registered already, fear not! You will be included in this giveaway, but we need you to leave a comment here in order to be entered.

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March 26, 2009

Back on the Juice - Updated

I'm back on the juice again. I can't help it. For almost three years I was free of it. I didn't need it, I didn't want it, no longer even craved it. I never felt better. I had so much energy, it was great, liberating. I would wake up, and be fine. Feel awesome.

Then one day I took a little taste.

Mmmm, it tasted so good. It felt so good going into my body, running through my veins. I felt warm all over. From there, it was the occasional taste, not everyday, but just whenever there was some around me. Of course, I would never buy it for myself. We would only have some in the house because Hubby would occasionally buy it. He mostly got his fix when he was at work.

Then my mom was in town for one of her visits. It's tough when she's here. This is when I have to be my strongest. She's the pusher, pushing it in your face as soon as you wake up in the morning. "Here, have some. Nice and frrrrrrresh!" Rolling her "Rs" extra long, just for added emphasis.

That's right, she's Mexican. They basically grow that stuff in their backyards, or should I say, "courtyards" in Mexico.

Now you see my problem? It's in my blood. It's part of who I am.

Now this part is the worst part.

Brace yourselves.

My mom introduced it to me when I was five years old. FIVE. YEARS. OLD! Every day she would give me some. EVERYDAY.

What kind of mother does that??!!!

No wonder my growth was stunted. NO. WONDER. It's her fault I have to hem my pants or buy my clothes in petite.


She buys her supply by the cases. She travels with my dad to these "medical conferences" and she triesthe local stuff.

HER: "Here, want some? Your Dad and I bought a case of it when we were in Louisiana for his medical conferrrence. It's soooo gooood."

Me: "No thanks, Mom, you know I don't use that stuff anymore. I don't need it, never felt better! (Lying)

HER: "Just try it, it's good!

Me: "No. Thanks!! I'm good.

I realized today though, that I have a problem. My S-I-L called me this morning and she was asking me all kinds of questions about our plans to meet up this Saturday and a trip to visit her and my brother in May.
Who's coming? What time? Where should we meet?

I hadn't had my morning hit yet and all her questions had me nervous. Couldn't remember my dates correctly. Couldn't even recommend a place for us to eat dinner.

It was sad, pathetic. Is this what I've become? An addict?

Am I to the point where I need it to even make sense of my thoughts??

Yes. I am. I need that cup of coffee. I need a strong cup. I need it to think, I need it to function. I need it to feel good.

People, help me.

PS: Don't forget our CUTE giveaway below!!

UPDATE: If you read this post earlier and it was full of typos, my apologies. That's what happens when you try to write a post without having your morning cup! I thought I spell checked it and to my horror, I didn't. YIKES! My mom also wanted to let everyone know that she didn't let me drink a full cup of "cafe" when I was five, only a "few sips." I guess the full cups started when I was six. *rolls eyes*

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March 24, 2009

Gosh It's Quiet

So this is what it feels like to have only me to worry about!

I arrived in Seattle last night for a work event and am still getting used to flying "solo". The plane ride was so uneventful - no diaper bags to lug; no preschoolers to entertain on the plane; only one bathroom run for ME...I felt like I was on vacation. And I guess I sort of am! I slept the entire night (which I haven't done since June 22, 2008) and then woke up and went to the fitness center. I didn't have to warm anyone's milk; change the tv channel from the Today Show to Handy Manny, or get.anybody.dressed. How indulgent!

And now I'm sitting here, gazing out of my 27th floor hotel room window with a panoramic view of the city, leisurely reading blogs and contemplating where to go for a quiet and relaxing breakfast. It's all forcing me to ask myself: "Will I ever return home?"

But we all know that's a big fat joke because by approximately 3pm today, the novelty of it all will wear off and I'll be wondering how school went, what new thing the baby did today, and missing Giggles' giggles. So here's to me enjoying the next few hours of my Mommy Vacay.

I wonder if they miss me?

My To Do list

I've got a long list of things that I've GOT to get done before returning to work in a couple weeks. So, I've been out of work/off/on a mini life vacation for the past four weeks and I have accepted an offer and will be back at work in a few days. However, believe it or not, I STILL have a long list of things that I must finish because I know it's going to be difficult to get them done once my time is not my own. Now, I would have thought that I would have completed all these things being at home for a few weeks, but I just couldn't focus. it is:

1. Complete taxes

2. Find and go to a dentist (I think my dentist went out of business - odd)

3. Clean and re-paint the outside of my house

4. Decide whether or not I'm going to change my car

5. Get a new car - maybe

6. Finish decorating Daughter's room

7. Mail Christmas presents to Canada (huh?)

8. Renew car registration for cars

9. Figure out the pre-school process (this should count as three things because the entire process is confusing, lengthy and very time-consuming).

Wish me luck.

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March 23, 2009

I'm Fed Up with Consignment Shops- Updated

I'm annoyed with children's consignment shops. Especially those that market themselves as "boutiques" or specializing in "upscale children's clothing." This is the third time that I spent an afternoon carefully selecting clothes from my children's closets that I could consign or sell and while doing so, making sure that the clothes I did pick were in "perfect" condition and "upscale." Then, after carefully selecting my clothes and dropping them off "on hangers and wrinkle free," I get a call from the store asking me to pick up my clothes ASAP because they need to clear their floor space.

And when I finally do get there, I learn that the store didn't' select the nicer name brand clothes that looked brand new (because we wore them only on special occaisions) like Ralph Lauren, Heartstrings, or anything like that. But that they selected four dresses (brand new but from Target, nonetheless) and some older stuff that I threw in the bag at the last minute, not on hangers or wrinkle free.

The store offered me $10.80 in store credit for the new dresses and $3.10 for the old stuff. I declined the $10.80 for the four dresses, thinking I would much rather give those dresses to a friend or cousin, (something I should have done in the first place since I would have felt much more happy about it), and perused the store for something I could put my $3.10 store credit towards. I couldn't find a single thing that didn't look old or worn-out in either of my three children's sizes. This just made me even more annoyed.

Of course I understand that they need to make a profit off of me but don't market yourself as a high-end consignment shop only to sell Circo and Wal-Mart brand clothes for the same prices I could get them at Target or Wal-Mart. Both store have those cute little mix and match short sets for 2.00- $4.00 a piece.

So I bought a dress for Daughter, Target brand, for $ 4.99 plus tax. The dress looks like a hand me down.

Updated: When I showed Daughter her dress and asked her if she liked it, her response was "Ummmmmmm, no not really." Go figure!!!


March 22, 2009

It's a Giveaway from My Cutie Pie Kids!!!

A few weeks ago I went to a baby shower and met a very talented Mama. She's the mamapreneaur behind My Cutie Pie Kids. At MCPKids she creates the cutest customized bibs, burp clothes, and changing pads. All items can be customized to include your baby's name, family name, or favorite team, etc. And guess what? Your favorite item can be yours!

But first, I wanted to take this opportunity to help Pampers spread the word about their “One Pack = One Vaccine” campaign. I first learned about the One Pack global initiative last year while watching my girl, Oprah. On that episode, Salma Hayek was telling "O" how she had joined forces with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). MNT is a preventable disease that claims the lives of approximately 128,000 infants and up to 30,000 mothers in less industrialized nations each year – that’s approximately one newborn death every four minutes.

From February 5 through May 1, 2009, parents in the U.S. and Canada have the opportunity to help UNICEF protect moms and babies around the world against tetanus, by simply purchasing specially-marked packages of Pampers diapers and wipes. Each product purchased, triggers one life-saving vaccine.

In addition to winning your favorite item on MCPKids, readers of MamaLaw can also win coupon redeemable for any Pampers products and two “One Pack = One Vaccine” campaign onesies. Each time you wear one of the onesies, you too will help spread the word.

Rules of the Giveaway:
1. Visit MCPKids and pick out your favorite item.
2. Leave a comment on MamaLaw telling us what that item is.

Giveaway ends midnight, March 27, 2009. Winner will be selected at random and announced on March 30.

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March 19, 2009

Mr. President on the Tonight Show TONIGHT

Just in case you haven't heard ... President Obama is going to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno TONIGHT!!!!!! I'm going to try my darndest to stay awake until 11:30. I'm excited to see him in a relaxed setting again.

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March 18, 2009

The Doctors vs. Oprah?

I stumbled across a CBS show called "The Doctors" this afternoon. It's squarely up against Oprah in my area. I don't typically watch any sort of non-news related tv in the afternoon, but since I saw the midday news today I wanted some other background noise. I opted for this show because Oprah was talking about clutter (really, who cares!). Anyway, this episode today was For Women Only. I did not pay it much attention at first because I figured who cares to hear about bras and pantylines AGAIN. I was thinking, this is so superficial.

I was pleasantly surprised at its depth; of course, I say this with the caveat of trying to cover all female only areas of concern in less than 1 hour. They talked about vaginal odor, botox, sex during pregnancy, skin issues and what happens to breasts during pregnancy, the functional purposes of bras, the risks of wearing thongs. Of course, I believe that many of us have asked our friends/relatives/doctors etc. some of these questions, but it was interesting to watch it covered in a frank and mature way on television.

I wonder whether this episode got higher ratings than Oprah's episode today?

Anyway...check out the link to today's show for more information (see above).

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Christian, the Lion

I am quite fed up of hearing about "Christian, the Lion". I never saw the You Tube video on You Tube, but I've seen it about 20 times on the morning round-up in the past week or so. I heard it was a crazy phenomenon on You Tube and it was so touching to soooo many people. I'm sorry folks - I'm not in tears. I don't get it. Please stop making such a big to-do about it. Enough. Already. it time to go back to work yet???

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March 16, 2009

No More Beyonthe

Giggles is obsessed with "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Yes, yes, I realize it is my fault that she even knows what the song is seeing as how she is all of 3 years old. Really, the only place they hear "grown folks music" is when we're driving in the car on the weekends for all of a few minutes when they're not glued to their VeggieTales or Disney Princess dvds (as you can see I am a model parent). But there is just something about that song that makes Giggles just light up. She breaks out in a toothy grin and gets to groovin'. So one day at home I thought it would be fun to play the video for them OnDemand. BIG MISTAKE. She wanted to watch it over and over and over and over and over and over. And that is too much gyrating and shaking for anybody to watch, let alone a preschooler. So I had to put my foot down after the sixth time she watched the video and I turned it off. The next thing I know, she was running through the house half-yelling, half-whining, with her little-girl-lisp: "Dad! Mommy thaid no more Beyonthe!!!" It was all I could do to keep from falling down laughing.

Talk about things I never thought I'd hear my 3-year old say!

March 14, 2009

Special Announcement!!

Blogalicious Site Badge

We can't believe the time is finally here! The ladies of MamaLaw are very excited to announce the launch of BLOGALICIOUS 2009, a conference designed specifically with women of color bloggers in mind!

Just For You
Your blog is an expression of you. It's an outlet to voice your feelings and opinions; a place to share your hopes and dreams. It's your very own medium used to recount your personal stories and to vent your frustrations. Part of what makes blogging so enjoyable is the ability to connect with other bloggers and to become friends with someone by virtue of this shared experience. Now, imagine a getaway - just for us women of color - that combines all of the things that you love about blogging with the added element of face-to-face interactions and the intimacy of "IRL" relationships. At BLOGALICIOUS 2009, you’ll laugh, you'll learn, you'll let your hair down. It will be just like blogging...only better.

The first of its kind, we anticipate this conference to be a huge success. Women bloggers of color have been asking for this type of conference for too long and MamaLaw decided to take action! We've been busy with the planning aspects of the event and have worked hard to plan what will be a fun-filled and informative weekend.

What You Can Expect
In its inaugural year, BLOGALICIOUS 2009 will provide women bloggers of color an amazing opportunity to come together to celebrate their diversity and their love for blogging. For 3 days, black, Latina, Caribbean, Asian-Pacific, and Native-American bloggers, among other nationalities, will enjoy a weekend of entertaining, informative discussions and extraordinary events, all experienced in the company of exceptional women.

We invite you to take a look at our agenda for the weekend, tell us what you'd like to see, and we hope that you will be a part of this unique opportunity designed just for you. Grab a badge for your blog and tell your friends. BLOGALICIOUS 2009 will be The Social Gathering for Women Bloggers of don't want to miss it!


March 12, 2009

Breastfeeding Tips

I often have my new mom friends call me frantically for tips on breastfeeding. While I don’t consider myself the expert, I do have some familiarity in this area. I nursed all three of my babies and had a different experience with each one. My first baby wouldn’t latch on causing me to suffer from sore and cracked nipples. My second baby was almost six weeks premature, spent fifteen days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and had to be tube fed. Because of this, I was not able to nurse her until she was 4 weeks old. Finally, my third baby latched on perfectly and loved the breast so much that he refused the bottle until almost a year old. I had mastitis so bad when he was about nine months old that my OB almost had to surgically remove the block. I eventually nursed him until he was about 15 months.

Hopefully you are still reading and not regretting your decision to nurse your baby! Yes, nursing is not always easy, in fact it’s quite hard at first. But you and your baby can have a wonderful experience, a beautiful experience, and even a fairly easy experience. So read on, and while doing so, commit to having a positive attitude about your experience

Read the rest of my tips as featured on

March 11, 2009

Can Busy Moms Be Green?

I consider myself a environmentally-conscious person, you know, aware of the world's issues and my place in it. Like global warming. And pollution. At home we recycle, we turn off unecessary lights (tho' that's more because Hubby is "thrifty" that us being green), and we teach our kids not to waste things like water or food. So we're trying.

Sexting - you know!

Since I've been home for 2 weeks now, I've had a chance to watch a little more morning tv - well, really just the Today Show. There have been 2 stories within the past week about the most recent teen craze - sexting. Sexting, for those of you who don't quite know, is the act of taking nude photos of yourself or others and sending them on their cell phones or posting them online.

There have been a few tragic events that have caused the phenomenon to hit the news, namely a teenager who committed suicide as a result of sexting. The morning shows have also focused on teens that have faced or are facing felony adult charges/sentences because of sexting because at this time, there seems to only be one legal vehicle for addressing sexting - child pornography laws. As I watch and think more about this phenomenon my gut instinct is that there has to be another way to deal with these violations other than child pornography laws. Most child pornography laws require offenders to register as sex offenders for a number of years and/or serve sentences in prison for felony charges and I am so afraid that this method of handling this issue is so draconian.

Am I being a little too liberal? What do you think?

March 10, 2009

Dear Honey

To: Hubby
From: Jonesie
Subject: Your "to-do" list
Sent with High Priority

1. change light bulb in closet
2. pressure wash driveway and entrance
3. buy new mulch for front yard
4. hire painters for wall in the living room (or give me the number)
5. tape so that i can repaint bedroom (green)
6. fix light sockets around house that are falling out (this should be #1 since this is a serious hazard- start in B's room)
7. buy the right screws for my shoe shelf in the closet and return the wrong ones (or tell me and I'll buy it)
8. fix toilet in our bathroom
9. fix light fixture in Oldest's hallway
10. buy me an imperial shit-zu dog

maybe you should take a day off this week to do your to-dos?

March 09, 2009

Proposed Law Intends to Ban Sale of Barbies

A West Virginia law maker has proposed House Bill number 2918 which provides that "[i]t shall be unlawful in [this] state to sell "Barbie" dolls and other similar dolls that promote or influence girls to place an undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development."

No, this isn't a joke. I have so many comments on this, I don't even know where to begin. This is absurd. Of course it will never pass. And I suspect this is Delegate Eldridge's way of getting some attention. But come on! At least write the darn thing correctly. Define "other similar dolls" for us please, Delegate.

And should we ban GIJoe too? I think it places an undue influence on boys to want to fight for our country, or look physically fit, or fight. ?!
Barbie is more than just about beauty now. Barbie has the "I Can Be..." Collection where she can be a veterinarian, a SeaWorld Trainer, a gymnastics coach, and so on.

That's all I'll say about this.

What do you think?

March 05, 2009

Not-So-Happy Birthday

Today Giggles turned 3! She has been so excited about it for the past few weeks and was looking forward to her big day. This afternoon, hubby and I went to her school to have a birthday party for her with her classmates. These school birthday parties are a big deal to the kids and they all rave about whose birthday party it was at school and what kind of cake they had, etc. So we were all expecting a fun time - we had the Minnie Mouse party stuff, the Dora and Boots cupcakes, the party hats, the goody bags - but we didn't expect Giggles to burst into heaving sobs when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday." The poor child was so upset and we have no idea why! Maybe it was because they had just finished naptime. Or maybe the excitement was just too much to bear. Or maybe having the spotlight on her freaked her out. Whatever the reason, she was distressed and wanted to go home. Hubby ended up letting her sit in the car for a little bit until she calmed down. She eventually came back inside and sat on my lap and had a cupcake. With her coat on. It was a sad sight.

I'm thinking she's having a hard time with the idea of becoming a "big" girl. We've been using that term in trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb, etc. and lately she's taken to saying "I don't wanna be a big girl." And so the Mommy Guilt invites itself over for coffee. Maybe she's feeling like she had to "grow up" to fast because of L'il Buddy's arrival? I have no idea. But I will be making extra sure to give her comfort that she is still my baby and always will be.

Even if we did waste $40 on party supplies.

March 03, 2009


Uh oh. We've learned a new word in school. "Popular." Such a loaded word when it comes to being a girl in school, isn't it? I've been so busy dealing with the rudimentary needs of babies and toddlers (feeding; changing; dressing; bathing), that I never saw the complex social issues associated with school-age kids coming.

Chatterbox came home today saying how "so and so" was popular. And truth be told, "so and so" is popular since both my girls talk about her at length on a daily basis and scream her name like she's a rock star when they see her. But still, I wasn't ready to hear all that in the middle of making spaghetti. I asked her what that meant and who taught her the word and it seems that it was the topic at school today.

Then, during bathtime, Chatterbox proceeded to tell me that she would be popular too if she "did this" (and tossed her hair over her shoulder). Oh lawd. A Mean Girl in the making.

March 02, 2009

Snow Day

We've gotten about 2-3 inches of snow - so it's a "Snow Day" for many of us in the northeast. Daughter's school is actually open today while many are closed but I've decided to keep her at home with me. WHY NOT???? It's cold and it's windy and the roads are a mess AND I'm home anyway so why force her. Of course, the only question is what the heck am I going to do with her today. We've just completed most of our activities over the weekend so I've got to figure out something to keep her interest for an entire day. I'll probably try to mimic her school schedule - so I'm off to put some puzzles together now!

March 01, 2009

Play date - why? what?

We're about to have our first play-date with a classmate from school. You ask how we've managed to avoid this - I really don't know. But, it feels so completely different than when my girlfriends visit. I don't even know the parent involved (Hubby set it up) and I feel like it's a big test. What will we talk about? Will we even have anything in common? How are we supposed to entertain the parent while the kids play? Do we drink? Do we watch tv? What!?!?!?!?!?!? I'll update you when it's all said and done.

Update - It wasn't as bad as I thought. We talked about the kids and what was going on with each in terms of milestones etc. We (more the other mom) basically followed the kids around the entire time. We did drink however - we both had a glass of wine. But, I really thought a play date would be good in terms of getting daughter out of our hair for a little while because she and her friend would play with each other. Instead it was like having a play date for us because both hubby and I were forced to entertain playdate's mom the entire time. She was pleasant and conversation was easy - but, really, I just hadn't expected that. I guess it's one thing if it's your friend but when its the first time meeting someone and you're forced to find stuff to talk about for 2 - 3 hours...that's another story.

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