February 28, 2008

It's Good for the Ego

Imagine my surprise when I found out that our l'il ol' blog was given the "E for Excellent Blog Award" by the kind gals over at Working Moms Against Guilt! I have to admit that I feel kind of guilty receiving the honor since we've been so delinquent in keeping up with our blogging lately. Not to mention, they called us "intelligent" and everything.

Thanks ladies! We think you're pretty excellent too.

February 27, 2008

Checkin' In

I am guilty of not blogging for maybe three weeks. Pathetic. I don't have any real good reason, like J. Fergie who has been put through the ringer the past two weeks. (Yikes! I hope everyone is all better.) Well, I do have a few reasons, but they can't compete with what's been going on with everyone else. I have been checking in on my favorite blogs, but I'm also guilty of lurking. So I'm wrong all over the place.

But I thought I would check in today, say "hello!" to everyone out there. I've been "busy" trying to create patterns with my days so that I can accomplish everything I should/want to but never find the time to do. You know how that is. I'm still moving at the speed of lightening but now I'm sticking to a schedule. For almost three months now I've even been going to the gym, three times a week. Wow. I used to work out occasionally, either at home or in our community fitness center, but this is way better. I'm meeting a few people here and there and it's become a routine that I look forward to every day. You never know what can happen at the gym either. Like today, I saw a woman that is seven months pregnant do a handstand in yoga. A handstand!! She had someone spotting her, but still, to be upside on your hands for a good several seconds, amazing. Truly amazing. I'm always impressed by woman that can even walk while they are pregnant, so this handstand blew me away. I wouldn't have been able to bend over like that even if I wanted to. I'm sure she checked with her doctor and got the okay to do this because I'm trying to figure out how that's not dangerous. I bit my tongue though, because I know how annoying unsolicited advice can be.

I also wanted to share something else that I found pretty amazing, or maybe freakin' hilarious is the better term. Oldest's school is putting on its annual auction to raise money. Of course, all items up for auction are donated by parents. It's not enough that we pay too much to go there in the first place, or that we have to purchase only one brand of uniforms from only one store in town (which I'm sure the school gets a kick back on all of our purchases), and that we pay extra for every darn thing including lunch, books, field trips, morning and afternoon snacks, etc. but now they are asking us to donate to the auction. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have a problem donating some money or maybe lotion from Bath and Body Works or something. But this is what they are asking us to donate, "other items that we would like to acquire are vacation homes, limo packages, tickets to sporting events, or car care packages with oil change, car wash, and tire service."

I'm laughing so hard, this is just crazy!!!! Why don't I just donate a free trip on my fully staffed private jet? That should make them happy.

February 26, 2008

Sad News...

If you have a moment, please go over to my bloggy friend Beth's site and offer her and her family words of encouragement.


Coming Up For Air...

I have been so AWOL these past few weeks. But with good reason. Here's why:

The day after I posted the sonogram pic of my baby boy, all heck broke loose.

Thursday I was hit with the stomach flu. What fun.

Friday my girls came down with it. More fun.

Saturday we were better and managed to leave the house to go to IKEA and see a live performance of Go, Dog. Go! which was great.

Sunday we discovered that Chatterbox was suffering from a UTI. At 3 1/2 years old, the poor thing. So I made an appointment at an afterhours pediatric clinic (anything to avoid the ER) and the entire family went. We were there for over 3 hours. And it was literally one of the worst days of my life to see her in such discomfort. FYI - in case you were wondering, NO they do not have a special method to test for a UTI in young children. The toddlers need to pee in a cup like everyone else. And no, the cup is not bigger. Imagine the drama of getting Chatterbox to (1) pee, since she was afraid of peeing because it hurt, and (2) pee in a TINY CUP. The alternative was a catheter. Thank God she did it after 2 tries and 2 hours. Poor sweetie. Oh and during our time at the clinic, hubby began experiencing severe flu symptoms. He was shivering and sneezing in the waiting room. We were a sight for sore eyes, as my Granny would have said.

Monday yours truly came down with the flu. I don't even remember that day. I didn't eat or even get out of bed, it was horrible! Hubby was down too. I think he spent the day in the guest room, though he could have been hosting a football scrimmage in the living room for all I knew.

By Wednesday, I was able to drag myself to work. We let Chatterbox stay home with Giggles since she was still having issues peeing. Going to work Thursday proved to be too much and by Friday I was home again, shivering, sneezing, and coughing next to hubby in bed watching People's Court.

Luckily, it was a long weekend. On Friday night the left side of my face was throbbing, my teeth were aching, and of course I was all stuffed up. I ended up going to the afterhours clinic that night and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Even more fun! So I was prescribed antibiotics and was on my way.

Saturday it was hubby's turn to go to the clinic and as it turns out, he had a sinus infection too. While waiting for him to see the doctor, I took the girls to Chick-Fil-A to eat and play on the jungle gym since the poor things had been cooped up in the house with us all week. They had a blast.

Sunday and Monday we took it easy and recovered and were back to business as usual by last Tuesday.

And so, that's my story. Chatterbox is fully healed and so is hubby. I still am congested even though I finished my antibiotics yesterday.

Boy, I can't wait for spring.

February 25, 2008

The Wire

Is anybody else watching these final episodes?

I don't think I'll be able to go to sleep tonight.

February 19, 2008

Scene and Heard


Monday evening, i
n the car, packed to the hilt with bags from everyone's favorite superstore.

Chatterbox: "Mommy, I LIKE that Target. They got too many stuffs!"

Me: (thinking) You got that right sister.
She's an early learner.

February 06, 2008

It's A Boy!!

Hubby is so excited.

And, of course, so am I :)

February 05, 2008

Oh, My Nerves.

It's Super Tuesday folks. And already my nerves are shot. This is such a critical day at a critical time for our country.

We've gotta make the right choice.

February 02, 2008

Can We Say Happy Valentine's Day?

Ok, I couldn't get the scanned image to show up any bigger so you probably can't read the small print, but how fabulous is this J. Crew promotion? They'll send your gift recipient a handpicked pair of shoes each month for a year. All for *only* $1800.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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