March 18, 2009

Christian, the Lion

I am quite fed up of hearing about "Christian, the Lion". I never saw the You Tube video on You Tube, but I've seen it about 20 times on the morning round-up in the past week or so. I heard it was a crazy phenomenon on You Tube and it was so touching to soooo many people. I'm sorry folks - I'm not in tears. I don't get it. Please stop making such a big to-do about it. Enough. Already. it time to go back to work yet???

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Felicia (aka Mommy B) said...

You are the first person I've seen have this reaction to this video. LOL!
I have to admit, it had me choked up one morning at my desk when I was supposed to be working and was instead surfing You Tube. That's what I get for social networking on company time.

Yolanda said...

Hehe this one cracked me up. I was so ready to be completely unmoved by the video but I have to admit some tears started welling up in my eyes. I blame it on that doggone Whitney Houston song mixed with my pregnancy hormones. On an average day I would had the same opinion as you

Justice Ny said...

Maybe it is the Whitney Houston song....because I saw it with and without the song. But, I did see it first without the song, so maybe that explains my reaction.

Anonymous said...

Well I read the story when it was first serialised in a mag more than 30 years ago. I never read the ending, we must have missed that edition. So I never knew what happened to Christian. Til the video clip turned up on morning TV (which I heardly ever watch anyway) one morning last year. The host introduced it in terms of 'have a look at this, women and men react differently'. I looked up and my first thought was "that lion looks like Christian" 30 years with never a word of his fate and the next thing there he is with the two young Aussies romping across my Tv screen. So yeah, I get it. I don't get it for the music though. Just that finally the story has an ending and it's a HAPPY ending! How many times does that happen in life?

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