March 11, 2009

Can Busy Moms Be Green?

I consider myself a environmentally-conscious person, you know, aware of the world's issues and my place in it. Like global warming. And pollution. At home we recycle, we turn off unecessary lights (tho' that's more because Hubby is "thrifty" that us being green), and we teach our kids not to waste things like water or food. So we're trying.


My life in the Sunshine said...

All this "green" living is trial and error, so use baby steps. This year I'm focused on using cloth napkins. I purchased 50 cloth napkins to begin the journey. As it turns out, I need to buy another 100 so that I'm not washing them every other day. I also bought about 5 packs of the faux-"Shammy" from Trader Joe's and they work on cutting down our paper towel use for things like making a sandwich or wiping a spill. They were cheap at $4 per bag of 3 and I feel like I'm closer to my goal this year. Last year, the goal was no more water bottles so I bought everyone at least 2 reusable steel canteens and we've rarely purchase plastic bottles since then. We compost anything we remember to and this isn't as hard as it once seemed. Also, try making your own household cleaners. The initial investment may be more than what you'd like but it lasts for at least 6 months unlike the store bought cleaners. My advice is don't stress yourself and stop calling it "green" adds pressure, I call it doing what I should have already been doing.

Justice Jonesie said...

I've been trying to be green since a kid but as an adult i'm trying to step it up. i think we are all responsible to be green, for our kids and our kids, kids.

thanks for this post!

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