March 16, 2009

No More Beyonthe

Giggles is obsessed with "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Yes, yes, I realize it is my fault that she even knows what the song is seeing as how she is all of 3 years old. Really, the only place they hear "grown folks music" is when we're driving in the car on the weekends for all of a few minutes when they're not glued to their VeggieTales or Disney Princess dvds (as you can see I am a model parent). But there is just something about that song that makes Giggles just light up. She breaks out in a toothy grin and gets to groovin'. So one day at home I thought it would be fun to play the video for them OnDemand. BIG MISTAKE. She wanted to watch it over and over and over and over and over and over. And that is too much gyrating and shaking for anybody to watch, let alone a preschooler. So I had to put my foot down after the sixth time she watched the video and I turned it off. The next thing I know, she was running through the house half-yelling, half-whining, with her little-girl-lisp: "Dad! Mommy thaid no more Beyonthe!!!" It was all I could do to keep from falling down laughing.

Talk about things I never thought I'd hear my 3-year old say!


A Shorter Mama said...

That is so funny! Talk about bad, I had the video channel on and Repeat saw the "Stanky Leg" video (i know, I know). I thought it was so stupid but funny so I started to do it. Repeat decides to "challenge" me to a contest and then tells me that I don't know how to do it.

Am I uncool ALREADY?!

Justice Ny said...

LMAO!!!!!!! This is so hilarious. My 3 yr old says that that's "her" song. I don't really understand but she'll break out into song at the slightest sound of the song. What's worse is that my cousin showed her the handtwist (I guess that's the best way to describe it) that Beyonce does in the video .. so now, not only is she singing, but she's also doing the handtwist ALL through the song. It's the funniest thing. They are really little sponges - aren't they?
Now, it's just for us to figure out how to translate these catchy tunes into learning time for the kids.

Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

Oh so cute . . . I would have loved to see that!

Baby Bunching said...

I don't know what it is about the song. You are about 5th person I've heard whose kid loves it. I must had even think the tune makes me smile. I hadn't seen the video until just now and it is addictive. i will remember not to let my youngest watch any Beyonthe.

DC Metro Mommy said...

My daughter is OBSESSED with "Single Ladies". She does the hand motions, the whole deal. We laugh. She watches the video on my computer.

Your not alone. We all love that song=:) Great to exercise to also..

EarlyBird said...

This seems to be a group of well educated people who, I assume, have heard of the studies showing how Mozart's music showed wave patterns similar to our own brain waves, but we often fail to realize that modern music can do that, too. In addition, I have to give credit to Beyonce for taking a risk and not making a "safe" hip-hop style dance video, but instead paying tribute to the late Bob Fosse buy using his dance style against a plain background. The dancing was highlighted and, in many cultures, sexuality is not hidden from children, but taught to be natural so that they may understand, grasp, and use it in a positive and safe manner as adults. So, to all the married ladies, "if you don't like it, put a lid on it!" Anything that you don't like is a tool to teach your children. Don't like drugs, teach them why - show them what junkies look like. Don't like crooks, show them what prison life is like. Don't like "Single Ladies", then tell them why. Don't have a reason, then let 'em dance!

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