August 13, 2007

A Modern-Day Fairytale

ONCE UPON A TIME...there was a family with two full-time working parents and two wonderful little girls. Here is what happened to us 2 weeks ago:

Saturday: Old nanny quits without notice.

Sunday: We experience a range of feelings beginning with panic and ending with rage.

Monday: Daddy stays home from work with the girls. They think it's Christmas.

Tuesday: I stay home with the girls. They decide to play Drive Mommy Crazy. All day. It's fun.

Wednesday: Daddy stays home from work. And "manages to clean the entire house and make dinner." Goody for you dear. We interview a potential nanny. We like her but, in addition to moving in with us, she wants and arm and two legs.

Thursday: I stay home with the girls. Hubby can't understand how come I couldn't clean the house and have dinner ready. Oh I could have dear. I just didn't feel like it. We had much more fun eating popsicles in the pool. We interview 2 more nannies. We really like one of them. Things are looking up.

Friday: Hubby stays home with the girls. Realizes that Wednesday was an anomaly. The house is a mess and we order pizza for dinner. My sister comes to town to help us out with the girls. She rocks. We interview 2 more nannies. Well, only one shows up. We like the one that came. But she can't start for a month because she wants to give her current family ample notice. What a concept. Oh well, that's ok. We like the nanny from Thursday.

Saturday morning: The nanny from Friday calls. She wants to know if the position is still available. She told her current family that she had an interview. The dad got upset and put her out of the house (she was a live-in). She needs a job asap. Oh and, in order to maintain her visa, she will have to attend class 2 nights a week. At a college that is 40 minutes away from our house. And she has no car.

Saturday afternoon: We decide that it makes more sense to go with the nanny from Thursday. She'll watch the girls, cook and clean and she won't need to live-in because she doesn't live far away. And she has a car. And can communicate in English. Which, after the week of interviews we just had, apparently are attributes rare in nanny-land.

Saturday evening: We hire the nanny from Thursday. We wish the nanny from Friday good luck. She is staying with her cousin until she finds a new family. I feel better knowing that she is not on the street. I ply myself with sangria. I deserve it.

Sunday: We are so nervous about the new nanny that we can't sleep. We consider downsizing our home so that we can afford for me to stay at home. We consider moving (again) to be close to family in order to avoid situations just like these.

Monday morning: The new nanny starts. We love her. The girls love her. My sister loves her. The nanny (re)organizes the laundry room and dusts. Everyone is happy.

God answers prayer. But we knew that.



JeniBeans said...

I could work for cheaper...course I have almost 5 kids of my own. And I don't live nearby either...but I DO have my own car (van)...oh wait. I guess hubby wouldn't appreciate not having me here. HAhaha.

Glad that everything seems to be working out. WHEW! I hope she continues to live up to your hopes. Keep us posted!

Justice Ny said...

And what a fairy tale it is!!!!!! I hope everything works out Fergie:)

Beth said...

Can I have her?

Big Mama said...

I'm so glad everything worked out so well. It's such a stressful situation to determine the best thing for your kids. I'm glad y'all like her!

Minivan mom said...

Hooray it worked out!

And all is right with the world again...

Anonymous said...

I'd help you out if I lived closer! WOW!

I'm sending you continuous "hoping t all works out" vibes." I know how stressful finding a good person to care for your children ( I had a nanny for a time last year).


Yolanda said...

Yayy!!! I'm so so glad it all worked out for you!!! Glad your fairytale has come true :)

divaliscious11 said...

Just started reading your blog recently - and just chiming in to say I feel your pain. I had a nanny quit unexpectedly and it was a nightmare. Fortunately we found someone who is great but that stress will wear you out!

Jodi said...

thank god thank god thank god - what an ordeal. i am one year away from requiring childcare and i can hardly wait!

P said...

OMG. That is the craziest week ever, J.Fergie!! What the eff?! I"m so so sooo sooo glad it worked out in the end!

Now, you just gotta make sure you keep the new nanny happy with bribes and all that--to keep her around (ha!) OK, OK, I'm joking (can't have a LAWYER bribing the help, now can we? *big toothy grin*)

Susan said...

That was a crazy couple of weeks! I am so glad you found a good nanny that's right for your fam. What a relief!!!

Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt

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