August 14, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge Weigh-In: Week 14

Not much to report. I'm safely at -20lbs, give or take a few depending on what day you ask me. I seem to be going up and down 3 or so lbs from week to week. If I were a bettin' woman, I'd bet I was up 3lbs this week largely as a result of me eating Chatterbox's entire ice cream birthday cake by myself. [Just to be clear - it was the mini cake from her actual birthday, not the gigantic Barney (!!) cake from her birthday party over the weekend.] Other than that, I am happy to announce that I've thrown away several pairs of gym shorts and pajama bottoms of Hubby's that I used to wear around the house, because they're just way too big now. Pathetic, I know.

lso, any ideas for low-fat breakfasts? If I have to eat cereal or oatmeal one more morning I'm going to throw myself off of a bridge.

If I do - will somebody please water my orchid? My sister's sweet friend Jeremy gave it to me along with his condolences for the loss of my Granpa. And I'm really trying to keep a plant alive this time around.


Mama Bear June said...

Actually, you can enjoy eggs at breakfast. It's a great high protein way to start your day. I usually do protein shakes with low-fat milk, chocolate protein powder, flax seed and frozen strawberries. Yummy! Path to Health

JeniBeans said...

argh! not me, friend. I have a true brown or black thumb. I was killing my new palm trees I bought until I finally asked the girl in floral how to care for them. "I only water them once every 2 weeks", she says.


So much for the drink I was giving them every 3 or 4 days, eh? Now I water them like once every 3 or 4 weeks, just to be safe. LOL

Glad you found the barney cake. Although barney is a no-no in my house. I've hated him from the beginning. Don't ask me why, maybe it's the dumb songs. Please don't let chatterbox read this comment. =)

Ummm, do you have Kroger there? They make an off-brand low fat granola cereal that has raisins in it and I love love love it! When I was on the atkins type diet a few years back I used to eat alot of boiled eggs. We could have butter and bacon, as long as we watched the carbs (sugars) so I would fry some eggs in bacon grease (does that sound healthy or what?) or butter and eat them too. I hate milk and therefore don't do the smoothies and shakes and all that. I'd rather have a bowl of cereal.

Though lately, I admit, it's been Lucky Charms. Hey, I got burnt out on my old favorite! haha.

Congrats on being -20! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mich said...

Throwing away clothes is such a great thing. 20lbs is fantastic! For breakfast, I'm a fan of Thomas' 100 calorie muffins and their muligran muffins as well. Also plain yogurt smoothies with unsweetened frozen fruit.

Big Mama said...

Well, I usually eat a Kashi Trail Mix bar with a banana. It's fast, healthy and easy.

BUT, when I'm feeling really energetic in the morning I make an egg white and black bean breakfast taco with salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I even make them for dinner sometimes, it's just that good.

Trina said...

20 pounds is awesome! I agree with the eggs. Add a piece of lowfat wheat toast with a spray of non-fat butter and some OJ and voila! Yummo and low fat!

Do you like shakes/smoothies?? I have several I rotate back and forth with that are YUMMO, lowfat AND filling! Let me know and I can toss a few recipes your way.

Good Luck this week!


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