August 10, 2007

LOVE IT: Thursdays!

Or Fridays. But whatever.

This week's LIT theme is:

" __________ is the only sunscreen I like using on my child(ren) on these sunny summer days."

I decided on the topic of sunscreens because it seems like my kids are using it on a daily basis these days. The sun is in full force and therefore, so is water play! So I wanted to tell y'all about the sunscreen that we use - it's the Coppertone Water Babies Quickcover Lotion Spray SPF50. And it rocks.

I stumbled upon this sunscreen because applying regular sunscreen lotion to two fidgety toddlers was getting to be tedious. So I went looking for a spray. I decided to try this one and I'm so glad that I did! At the risk of sounding like a commercial, we love this sunscreen because the spray is an even mist that is easy to control, the lotion is easily rubbed onto the skin (no more tragic ET-looking kids), it smells yummy, is waterproof and contains Vitamin E to moisturize.

And it doesn't hurt that the kids get a kick out of getting sprayed with the stuff. It's always good for at least 3-minutes worth of giggles.

My rating for the Coppertone Water Babies Quickcover Lotion Spray SPF50?

5 gavels: "Love it! Can't live without it!"

Now it's your turn!

What type of sunscreen do you use to protect your little rays of sunshine? Remember to add a link to your blog posting here:


JeniBeans said...

I know it looks as if I copied you, Fergie, but I didn't. LOL

Glad you're back! I've missed reading your posts!

JeniBeans said...

because I use the same sunscreen you do! LOL And that's what I posted about on my LIT post today.

Hope you're having a good day. I just put the rest of the kids down for a nap. Now I'm shopping for maternity clothes! WOOHOO!

I really need a nap, though...

Jodi said...

yeah, we love the continuous spray sunscreen as well. between the two kids, we go through a bottle a week.

Justice Fergie said...

thanks for playing jenibeans!

nap vs. shopping? now THAT's a tough decision :)

have a good weekend jodi!

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