August 08, 2007

Quite Possibly the Only Time You'll Hear Me Mention Yard Sale and Thrift Store Shopping. In One Weekend. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

Speaking of being tired...I just have to tell you all about our jam-packed weekend. It all started on Friday when my sister came into town to help us out until we found a replacement for our nanny (that story's for another day and another post). Bless her heart. And then we interviewed two more nannies that evening - trust me, that alone was enough to exhaust the most rested person alive.

Saturday the girls were up at the crack of dawn as usual (what is up with that? don't kids sleep-in on Saturdays anymore? Or is not sleeping-in another side effect of global warming? Please explain.) And so my marathon began. On weekend mornings, it's all about me getting the kids out of the house. Otherwise, they tear everything up, get cabin fever and by 11am, all three of us are bat crazy and that's never good. Our first stop was to Hubby's football game to drop off the chair that he forgot at home and desperately needed. What happened to sitting on the grass? Aren't you all supposed to be big, tough, manly men? Anyhoo, we obliged and brought him his Eddie Bauer Sports Chair with matching carrying case. Very masculine indeed.

Then we were off to a yard sale that a friend of mine was having to raise money for our church. I made sure to only bring $20 with me because, well I love a good sale - used goods or not - but really, we don't need one more piece of junk in our house, whether it's for a good cause or not. And good thing I did do that because we left the sale with only $3 to spare. But, in addition to a few children's books and a craft set, I did get these two cute (brand new!) dresses for Chatterbox and Giggles for a total of $8. See Exhibits A & B:

Where to next? Without a plan, I headed towards where any normal, intelligent, self-respecting mother of young children would go: Target. But before we arrived at our old entertainment stand-by (Cartoons! Playing in the electronics section! Toys! And more toys! A full selection of Swiffer Cleaning products! and even Frozen Foods!) my sister and I had the fantastic idea of heading to the pool. It was on. We were women on a mission. I drove home, ran in the house - because unloading the two kids, getting them in the house, getting them back outside and bucked into the car? that would have taken eons - gathered everyone's swimsuits, towels and SPF 8000 for this crazy sun we've been experiencing. The pool was FANTASTIC. We've lived up the street from the swim center for the past 4 years but have never actually gone swimming there. And now I see what we've been missing out on all this time! (And what Big Mama's been talking about all summer) There was a zero-entry pool, a pool with a water mushroom, a tot pool, a huge waterslide and a lazy river for tubing. Basically, a heavily-chlorinated version of heaven. We swam and splashed until we couldn't splash no more and headed home for a bath and a nap.

Meanwhile, while the kids slept, I ran to a meeting and came back home making a bee-line for my bed because I was beat from the sun and needed a nap like anybody's business. And about 13 minutes into my nap, the phone rings and it's the person I met with telling me that I left my purse at her place. WTF? How the heck did I leave, drive all the way home and not notice that I didn't have my purse? I'm losing it people. Don't say I didn't warn you. So anyway, I go and get my purse, stop by the thrift store near my house (another story for another post) so that my sister could see it, and go back home. For about 20 mintues. During which I threw some pajamas and a toothbrush in a bag and then headed to...a slumber party! For grown folks that is. A friend from my mommy group had a few of us over to have some girl time and it was great.

But first, I stopped at the store to pick up some slumber party snacks: Twizzlers, Cool Ranch Doritos, Strawberries and Dipping Chocolate, and...Wine (grown folks, remember?). And so I get to the cash register and of course I have to show my ID to purchase the wine. I open my wallet and the slot where I usually keep my license is empty. Naturally. Again, WTF? Ah yes. I took it out at the pool to show proof of residency for the county discount. And then carelessly threw it in my pool bag so that I could stop Chatterbox from throwing herself into the pool fully-clothed. In any case - no ID = no wine. Now that I was halfway between home and my friend's house, I could have (should have) turned around to go get my license, right? You know, the whole "driving without a license" law violation thing and all. But my girls' night out was starting in 10 minutes and I wasn't about to be late! So onward I forged. I arrived at my friends and life was good. The night went like this: Sangria, blah blah blah, Homemade Guacamole, blah blah blah, More Sangria, blah blah blah, 4-course dinner, blah blah blah, Still More Sangria, blah blah blah, and conversation and laughs that covered topics like whether or not we each thought our child was "weird" to in-laws that drive us crazy to hair weaves, and everything in between. This lasted until 3:45am at which time I passed out in a very comfy bed. Exactly 3 hours later, my loving husband called my cell phone to "remind me" that I needed to be home at 7:30am so that he could go to his football game. Insert curse words here.

I made it home by 7:40am, bloodshot eyes, (sans driver's license) and all. And of course the rugrats were wide awake and rearing to go. So without missing a beat, I made them scrambled eggs and toast, took them outside for fingerpainting, filled up the baby pool so I could trick them into washing the paint off of themselves they could splash around, gave them a bath, got them and myself dressed and again, we were off! We spent the morning at a great park where we rode a carousel and a train and the kids played on the playground while mommy tried to keep her eyes open. Then we met Hubby for lunch (where my meal sucked) and headed home. Finally. Everybody took a nice long nap and all was right in the world. Then I went grocery shopping for the week and watched the latest episode of Entourage (priorities people!) And so it was no surprise that when Monday morning came and it was time to go to work, I was still exhausted. But we had a blast over the weekend and really, who needs sleep anyway?

It's for the weak.


Yolanda said...

You are my kinda woman- I could have written this post myself except thankfully I haven't left my purse anywhere (lately). Glad you enjoyed your whirlwind weekend! The slumber party sounds like such an awesome idea.

JeniBeans said...

ugggggggggh. Good GRIEF, woman. I'm exhausted just from READING all of that!

Now *I* need a nap. *ZzzzzZZZZzzz

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