August 23, 2007

LOVE IT! Thursdays

As we approach the Labor Day weekend and I have no plans at all - I thought about the possibility of running away somewhere for a weekend break. But then, I thought - get real, there is no real weekend break when you have a toddler - in fact, if we go anywhere at all it'll have to be somewhere that's extremely kid friendly. So, the topic of the week for LIT is: my favorite kid (and parent) friendly place to visit.

My favorite place to visit is San Diego. I went to SD last fall and fell in love with the city. It was my first time on the West coast EVER and it was the perfect introduction. Aside from the impeccable weather and lovely beaches, there was so much to do. At that time, DD was about 10 months old so we had the challenge of figuring out how to enjoy ourselves while engaging in activities that she could enjoy and participate in.
There are lots of great restaurants - of course, that's the first "activity" that I look for!!!!! Most of the places that we visited were kid friendly, and even some of the more formal restaurants, were not so formal to make you feel uncomfortable bringing along baby.
There is the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, Legoland, Wild Animal Park, all fun activities for the kids. For parents, there is baseball, many, many restaurants (did I mentioned that already?!?!?); great shopping; tours of the bay - and of course, for everyone - the beach. The city is right on the Pacific Ocean and there are absolutely beautiful beaches and beach towns like La Jolla and Coronado. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Mexican border is about 30 minutes from the city - so there is much to explore there. There was so much to do that we didn't do it all in the 6 days that we visited - but I promise to return soon.
We had a blast and we did it all with baby. Check out the visitor's site. What's your favorite family friendly place to visit and why? Please share and remember to sign Mr. Linky once your're done. verdict on San Diego:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it and would most definitely return."


Justice Fergie said...

sounds great! we'll have to check it out. now if only the thought of a 5-hour plane ride with 2 toddlers didn't freak me out...

calbar blondie said...

Hi Mamalaw moms! Just found your blawg on Moms That Blog, and I added your link to my blogroll as well. I'm based in San Diego so I really relate to your post from today. Good choice for the family vacation, I can certainly attest to that!

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