July 18, 2007

Introducing...LOVE IT! Thursdays

The Justices of MamaLaw are excited to introduce…LOVE IT! Thursdays

We Mamas certainly do love to share our Mama know-how with each other, don’t we? What better way to spread the word about the products we love or hate, new products we’d love to try, products that make our lives easier, and products that have passed (or failed) The Mama Test, than by blogging about it! It'll be like our own Mama Consumer Review.

So, share your trade secret so that we can all be “in the know.”

The Rules:
Every Thursday, you’ll write a post for your blog. In it, you’ll describe your product, your experience with it, and why you love it (or even hate it) so much. Then it’s time to render your verdict by giving your product a “MamaLaw Gavel Rating”:

5 gavels: "Loved it! Can't live without it!"

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

3 gavels: "It was ok. Maybe if it was on sale..."

2 gavels: "What was I thinking?"

1 gavel: "I want my moneyback!"

You can lift the Gavel Rating images from this post. And don’t forget to link back to us! Once you’re done posting, make sure to come back to our blog to sign the Mr. Linky so that everyone can visit your LOVE IT! Thursday review.

From time to time, we’ll have a “Theme of the Week” so make sure to check in before you post.

* Most importantly – PLEASE do not blog about something that you are being paid to review. We want to keep LOVE IT! Thursdays as genuine and fun as possible.

Feel free to use our button on your blog! Here is the code to add the button:

And we’ll see ya…on Thursday!!

This Week's Theme:
The theme for this week’s LOVE IT! Thursdays is: “I love _______ so much that I always used it when my baby would not sleep.

1 comment:

Minivan Mom said...

Oh, cute idea! Hmmm...not sure I will be able to participate much in the next several weeks, as the stress level is on code red, but I'll definitely jump in when I can.

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