August 27, 2007

Just Checking

Saturday, 10am.

I'm tidying up the dining room and hear some rustling around in the kitchen freezer, most likely in the box of popsicles, which, since 7am, I have been saying that the kids can't have until "later."

Me: "Chatterbox, what are you doing?"

Chatterbox: "Checking [the] snacks, Mommy!"

Me: "Don't worry, the snacks are still there and you still can't have any."

She just keeps getting smarter.


calbar blondie said...

Justice Fergie,
I like your weekly menu. I admire the fact that you do all that healthy cooking! I'll bet the popsicles are the all-fruit type, correct? My kid will eat the whole box in one afternoon if I don't keep a hawk eye on him!

JeniBeans said...

That sounds just LIKE my 4 year old! He says things like that all the time. How cute.

JeniBeans said...

Fergie...they sell those trays separately. Money-making strategy, I guess. hehe. They cost like 10 bucks. I want one for the new babe! I can't wait to try it!

Traci said...

How cute! Can you imagine what she's going to be like in a few years?

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