March 10, 2010


I am feeling very overwhelmed right about now. It seems like things are in overdrive in all aspects of my life. At work I am bogged down with 2 cases for which I am the lead. In addition, I am on a major taskforce and council that are both in overdrive at the moment. I'm so backed up that I just end up floundering around uselessly from conference call to meeting hoping to make it through the day. At home I am trying to keep my family running semi-smoothly, which is hard when I only have about 2 hours per day, along with weekends, to do it. Homework needs to be done daily, groceries need to be purchased, meals need to be made. Hair needs to be braided, doctor's appointments attended, school reading logs need to be completed, recital lines need to be rehearsed, and box tops need to be collected. Dance classes need to be attended, summer camps scheduled, wedding gifts purchased and quality time spent. Volunteer committments need to be met, fitness routines done, personal invitations honored and phone/email messages returned. With our company, there are conference calls to be had, agreements to draft, events to coordinate, a site to launch, and oh yeah, a conference to plan.

I definitely need a break. Spring break is coming up soon and for that, I am grateful. However, that trip requires lots of planning too! We are headed to Disney World and, while I know we're going to have a great time, just getting there - with the right tickets booked, the right size strollers packed, the right size car rented, and a manageable itinerary planned (complete with the right Disney character breakfasts reserved) - adds another host of things to my already overburdened To Do list.

Breathe, Fergie. Breathe.


teachmama said...

OH my gosh. I'll send you our rough Disney schedule. It's ROUGH--but it may help because our kids are pretty much the same age.

And you can have our copy of The Disney Guide w/ Kids--I just got it back today from a pal who borrowed it last week.

Will I see you this weekend? Next? Let me know; if so, I'll hand it over in person. If not, I'll send it.

Hang in there as best you can. If you're laughing a bit each day, you'll be fine--

ParlinMom said...

You need an assistant...I hope it all comes together before your vacation so you can enjoy yourself and recharge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fergie, I am new your blog but I can surely relate to what you are going through. I like to make lists and take on each task at a moderate rate. Vacation will be good for you...Enjoy it.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I with ParlinMom, you need a personal assistant, ASAP! I hope you wrangle things real soon.

Natalie Alisha Ward said...

after you breathe, say a prayer from the devotional I gave you - if you give that book 5 minutes a day, I promise it will pay you back 10-fold!

Peter and Nancy said...

Whew. No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed! I am a firm believer in farming out whatever you can (paying someone to clean, buying pre-made food, etc.) when you're in an impossible season. And, like your other commenter said, pray! Hang in there, hon.

Mel said...

I think this overwhelming feeling has gotten to us all! I know I have been feeling it as well. Try to sneak in at least a few minutes just for you. You deserve it! When are you going to Disney. We will be there the week after Easter. That would be fun to run into each other!

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