March 14, 2010

Adding memories to your daily ritual

I am by no means a beauty person but I've found a beauty staple that is doing the job while conjuring up some great memories. How many of you remember Noxema cream?

Growing up in Trinidad, Noxema was a staple in most households, including mine. It was the go to product for my late grandmother, with whom I spent a great deal of my childhood as we lived as an extended family for many years and even when my mom moved out, we moved about 5 minutes away. I think her entire beauty regimen consisted of washing her face with Noxema twice a day! What was even more alluring about Noxema was that it was the only "grown-up" product that my grandmother would allow me to use even as a child.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about our family's skincare rituals and realized that both my grandmother in Trinidad and his in Pennsylvania, religiously used Noxema. Well, we got a bottle - just because. On the first night of use, hubby remarked about the wonderfully pleasant familiar medicinal scent of Noxema! I laughed because he was right, and much to his dismay, I have continued using it.

I have the cleanser and it's doing the job without drying my skin out. But, in all honesty, the real reason I continue to use it is because for that 137 seconds while washing my face, it reminds me of my childhood and it reminds me of my grandmother. What a wonderful ritual to re-institute into my daily regimen? I love that the scent takes me back on each and every use without avail. It makes the day so much more pleasant to be reminded of a loved one when time otherwise does not permit. I hope you can find something to re-integrate into your daily rituals that conjures up beautiful memories too!


Sheliza said...

I grew up on Noxema as well and still use it! I love it and will never tire of using it. Remember the Ponds cold cream?? Oh yeah, it's very popular with us West Indians ;-)

Execumama said...

I loved this post! Your reason for continuing to use Noxema is the same reason I buy Bay Rum and periodically splash it about the bathroom! It reminds me of growing up in Jamaica and seeing my grandmother sap it across any swollen body parts. Love that smell!

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