March 10, 2010

"Giving Meaning to a Meaningless Life"

Okay, the title of this post is the most interesting thing about the next audio book I listened to. The Power of Love, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger was not what I expected it to be. What I failed to do is pay attention the description and focused too much on the title. Here I thought I was going to learn about how powerful love is, maybe get a profound, philosophical meaning of love and how love is this or that. Nope. Really, all I got was a summary of the ten stupid things that couples do to ruin a relationship. Then the ten stupid things women do to mess up their lives. And finally, surprise, the ten stupid things that men do to ruin their lives.


I agreed with all thirty things she described as stupid were just plain stupid. Yes, it's stupid for a woman to intentionally impregnate herself to keep a man. Or for a woman to think that living with a man will make him want to marry you if he didn't have that desire before. Stupid. It's also stupid for a man to get married only because it will complete his resume; or for a man to think that protecting his woman means to beat up any guy that looks at his woman the wrong way.

I think a better book would have been to summarize the ten best things women, men, and couples do to make love work.

So the quote in my title is the one thing I walked away from this book with. Some men have stupid independence and believe that they don't need women, women need them. One woman's response to this was to say that women are what give men meaning to their meaningless lives and without women, men would be nothing and couldn't get anywhere in life. Hence, this is why we have to tell them what to wear, what to eat, etc.

Hmmm. This is interesting. This very subject just came up in conversation with a woman I know. She was telling me how frustrated she gets with her husband of 25 years because although he's this great, successful business man that manages several businesses, makes big deals, is involved in various influential organizations around town and Florida, when he walks through the doors of their home, he is clueless and helpless about so many things -like one their kids. Ouch! Don't get me wrong, she loves her husband. But she knows who she's dealing with and knows that she has to completely take care of him.

Do you think women give men meaning to life? Is it fair to say this?


La'Tonya Richardson said...

I don't know if we give "meaning to life," but she's done everything for so long, and he's been comfortable with that. So why should he stress, if she's got it.

If she wants something else, she has to tell him. Although they've been together for 25 years... he still can't read her mind!

She needs to read 'The Five Love Languages.' It's a great book on how to love your spouse, and get the love you want, and deserve back.

My husband and I will be married 20 years in July, and it was when we read this book, and discussed things, that I realized he didn't like greens. He ate them, but didn't like them. He figured, we'd been together all this time, I should know. As much as I 'thought' I knew about my husband, and he about me, we were shocked!

Sorry for such a loong comment.

Revka said...

Absolutely. After all, woman was created to complete man and to be his help meet. Men can't get along without us - at least not very well! :)

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