March 22, 2010

I Gave Up

I'm still fairly out of sorts from being overwhelmed lately. And life doesn't seem to be easing up! Over the weekend I ended up in urgent care after experiencing terrible pain; I was prescribed antibiotics and am feeling a bit better. After pushing through the Sunday Dash, I woke up this morning, made it through the Morning Madness and was walking out the door, only to discover that the car keys were nowhere to be found. You might recall that we carpool. Hubby had left for work really early to make a morning meeting. He took the bus, and left his car for me, but he took one set of keys with him. (The spare, I suspect, he has too although he denies it.) The nanny had already left with my car to take the girls to school, so I was all dressed up, late - after tearing the house apart looking for the keys, and stuck. Feeling the meltdown coming on, I took a deep breath and...gave up.

Changed into my jeans and sweater, logged on to tell the office I would be working from home, and parked it on the couch.

Now I know it's not a huge deal and you're probably thinking "get it together, woman." But it just seems like it one thing after another. What scares me is my reaction to the little mishaps; these days I constantly feel like I am going to fall apart. It's so not like me at all. What's wrong with me?


Inspire All said...
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Inspire All said...
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Inspire All said...

It is called being tired and being super-mom. Your body and mind is trying to tell you something, you need a mental and physical break. I can speak now (just a little) on this subject because I know this feeling of "I give up" all too well!

My home burned down last summer, 3 in the morning and I am running out of my home with my 6 year old in my arms, with only my purse and keys to my truck in hand. As we sat across the street watching this destruction occur, my only thoughts were how am I going to make this right for my daughter.

After the fire was out, I kicked into mommy mood, super-mommy for short! (this is what I call it)And started saving what I could, then find another place for us to stay.

Before this it seems like it was one thing after another and I was not getting a break. Now, I look back and even though I am still running around and things are still popping up, I can see a light and an example of that was me getting back to basics of things that I love that are a break for me like writing (hints me starting back on my blog).

I know that it is hard, but you like that say pray and THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Remember try and take a MENTAL and PHYSICAL BREAK!

teachmama said...

Holy crap. It seriously doesn't end for you.

Maybe it's the 'Big Guy' saying that if you won't slow down on your own, he's going to see to it that you do.

I wish we were neighbors. It'd be loud, crazy, and totally nutty, but at least we'd be able to sit on our porches with our hubbies at the end of the day, wind down, and laugh--BIG--about it together.

Justice Jonesie said...

What the other ladies said! I hope you had a good day working from home!

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

That means you totally deserved it!

cocoamommy said...

There are days when we need to slow it down. When I lost my job last April, I looked at it as God telling me to slow down. I was in full throttle with juggling a full-time job, 2 kids, a household and all the other stuff. This time has given me the space and time to focus on what is and will make me happy. It was potentially a life saving experience because I found myself suffering from insomnia and losing weight due to stress. The time to exhale is always a good thing!

Justice Fergie said...

thanks for the supportive comments ladies. i suspect that you are all correct and i plan to SLOOOW down.

Amy, i SO wish we were neighbors!! how much fun would that be?

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