March 18, 2010

Cheating Celeb Husbands: I've HAD it!

I've kept my mouth shut for far too long. I didn't say anything about Elliott. I maintained my silence about Tiger (did you see the freakin' latest, btw??). I've bitten my tongue about John. I zipped it about David. And there were more. Through it all, I silently fumed and cursed. But today? When I heard about Jesse? I decided I couldn't take it anymore. So I'm breaking my silence.

WTH is wrong with these men? Do they think that having power, success, fame and money gives them license to be jerks? Is infidelity really innate? Is it because they're treated like spoiled brats and never told "no"? They have beautiful, intelligent, loving wives that are good mothers to their children. Is that no longer enough?

Someone please help me out here. I.JUST.DON'T.GET.IT.


Sweetydarling72 said...

I hear ya but to Jesse's defense, he seems to enjoy porn/hooker type women which my girl Sandra clearly is not. hahha
Good for her for immediately leaving and not being a hooker... and good riddance to him. Seriously.

Justice Jonesie said...

The problem with these men is that they are selfish, immature, reckless, and idiots. It has nothing to do with what's at home and what isn't.

Good for her!

Team Sandra

Krystal Grant said...

I've wondered this as cheating innate or are Tiger and his band of brothers just selfish jerks? What's reall going on? It seems that no one respects the institution of marriage anymore. And what about jumpoffs they are cheating with. How do they feel knowing that they've contributed to the destruction of marriages? This is sickening.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

They're all JERKS!

People are going into marriage thinking till death do us part. They're thinking more along the lines of till the next hawt slut comes along, or until I'm bored with you. Celebrity status, and money has a lot to do with it!

Did I say JERKS!

Peter and Nancy said...

I do think that, in Tiger's case, there are lots of people around him telling him he's great all the time -- and probably very few who challenge his attitude or actions. I think what he said was right on (for all the jerk guys) . . . "I thought the rules were for other people." That's pretty simple, but that's all it takes.

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

I am so with you on this. It's horrible and the fact that so many young boys are reading about this, about their role models and taking it in and thinking it's okay or cool?


Shame on them.

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