March 22, 2010

Bumper Stickers That Annoy Me

The bumper sticker below is officially annoying. Someone at my son's school has this on the back of his Toyota Rav 4 and without fail, I always end up behind him in car line. I mean seriously, do you think this man put this on his car or is it safe to say his wife bought it and "surprised" him with it and one day he walks to his car and it's there?

"Surprise, honey!"

Even if he was out somewhere and found this bumper sticker and just had to have it, I always end up wondering about this man and the wife that he loves so much.

Now, I'm not hating on this man, or his wife. In fact, last year Mr. Jonesie ordered a personalized license plate with my name and the year we met on the front of his car. Needless to say, the plate is now in the garage.

This bumper sticker is officially annoying though. It's the gag me with a spoon type of annoying. Kind of like when people feel the need to engage in P.D.A. in front of others.

One word-- annoying!


A Shorter Mama said...

too funny, but I am with you. I would find it annoying and with my luck, I'd be behind him at the supermarket, the school pick up line, target, walmart... you get my point.

Jayme said...

When my husband and I were dating, I had a total clunker car & he and his Marine buddies were always putting stickers on it...

His best friend bought one that said "I dig scrawny pale guys" and slapped it on the back as a joke, since it totally described my now husband at the time.

Wasn't so funny when he had to borrow my car for work for awhile- all the Marines he worked with totally ragged on him for driving a car with that sticker LOL

DemMom said...

I think that's a "Promise Keepers" sticker. It's a Christian group that got some attention a few years ago - stadiums full of men patting each other on the back for... gasp... supporting and loving their spouses and kids. You know, what they're supposed to be doing and what women get no credit for.

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