March 09, 2010

My Bang Up Weekend

{I'm like 2 weeks behind in my posts, so bear with me}

Generally my weekends are a mishmash of errand running, the occasional meal at a "family-friendly" establishment and lots of housecleaning. This past weekend as a nice change from the ordinary. It started with a Saturday afternoon lunch with my JLW small group. How luxurious I felt; lunching with ladies in the middle of the day at a place where you can't order a kid's meal! It's funny, because I almost didn't go. You know...Mommy Guilt. here I was leaving behind my babies on one of the only 2 days per week that I have to spend all day with them. I convinced myself that they wouldn't miss me since they would be napping for most of the time I was out.
Lunch was lovely. I always enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy a good meal even more. {More about my meal in another post!} I even met another blogger and left with plans for a Real Housewives of DC premier party. After that, we hit the pavement and headed for another afternoon indulgence: Georgetown Cupcake which recently opened a location in Maryland - Yippee!! These cupcakes really are sensational. I got some for the girls {Mommy Guilt} and one for Hubby {because I'm nice like that} and headed home.
On my way home I got a call from one of my friends inviting to me to go to a CLUB. In DC. I was like "a what? where?" I have become such a homebody that the prospect scared me. As it turns out, she was feeling the same way and wanted to me come out with her for back up. It was her sister's 25th birthday and she didn't want to be the old lady in the club all alone. And so three of us old ladies ended up having a night on the town that was totally unexpected and a blast.

It started by us going to a game night hosted by a friend of a friend. It was hilarious to be transported back to the days of the booze-laden game nights that I used to go to, replete with single guys and girls checking each other out and hoping to get hooked up. The hostess had even posted a sign in the window written with: "It's GAME NIGHT, Bitchez!!" Ah, youth. Since, "hooking up" was totally not our focus, we were able to sit back and have a great time playing Taboo and Pictionary. The most I drank was a Coke. BUT. BUT! The highlight of the game night was meeting the one and only Carla Hall from Top Chef. She was there with her husband enjoying the festivities. And yes, I was a total lame and told her what a big fan of hers I am and asked to take a photo with her. She was a doll about it and even Tweeted me later that night. Swoon!

Onto the club. We changed into our party clothes and headed to the club. It was a nice venue and we had a good time. I spent most of the evening checking out what the styles and trends were that the "kids" were wearing these days. Freakum Dresses are definitely "in" right now. Too bad for me. To add insult to injury, I saw my co-worker's daughter in the club and she said: "Oh, hi! I should have brought Mommy! LOL." Ha ha, hell. I was thinking: "I am only 10 years older than you chick. Slow your roll." I rounded out the night sweating from dancing and the satisfaction of knowing that even though I was not 25, I could still identify the latest tracks by Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame. We left the club around 2:00am feeling refreshed and revived.

I should be good until 2011.


Krystal Grant said...

YOU MET CARLA HALL!!!! I love her. I almos cried when she lost Top Chef. What a rip off. She should have won. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama said...

Totally awesome that you met Carla! I'm thinking you need to hit her up for the next Blogalicious DC meetup to do a cooking lesson!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I loved Carla on Top Chef! Sounds like you had more of a slammin weekend, Waca Flocka Flame, LOL.

Unknown said...

um, and then your friend visited you on Sunday for a short but sweet visit!;-)

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