March 23, 2010

File This Post Under Gross

Brace yourselves because this post is gross. I debated on even writing about it for fear that people would find me disgusting. But my dog is in heat. This means she's on her period and this folks, is quite nasty.

First, let me put it out there. The last thing I want to deal with is another woman in my house having her period.

Second, a dog on her period. NASTY. Luckily, she's not having a heavy flow not leaving spots all over the house. (I can't believe I'm writing thissss!!!). Yet, at least, because this can change in the next few weeks.

My mom told me not to get a female dog for this very reason but I figured I would get her spayed and we would be okay. Thanks to me not doing my research, I didn't even realize that she would have her first heat between 6-14 months of age. We are at nine months of age.

So here I am, on Google, looking up what to do about this situation and learn that she can be in heat for as long as 21 days! Who wants to deal with this for 21 days? Then I came across an article that summed up the situation in a few simple steps. The last step was to put a child size under garment lined with a pantyliner on your dog to avoid a mess.

Seriously?? Because the day I find myself putting a pantyliner on my dog is the day my career has hit an all time low.

I should have listened to my Mom!


Sheliza said...

I am suddenly really happy my dog is a male. I will now go throw up!!

Justice Ny said...


CurlyKye said...

Complete hilarity!!! But you are not alone. My 1st dog was a female and when I saw that 1st droplet of blood I went into panic-mode trying to find the "source of the injury". I checked her body, her legs, her paws,everything. Upon further inspection I saw where the blood was coming from and laughed, called my husband & said "Your 4-legged one has started her period, are you prepared?" We ended up buying her doggy diapers. She looked so awkward,especially know what was going on inside of that diaper *haha*. Needless to say, we got her fixed within the week. I don't know how breeders do it.

K. Rock said...

And this story right here just confirms why I will have nothing to do with a dog in my house or as a pet in general.

Inspire All said...

In one single post you have summed up my reason for not wanting a female dog as a pet! I can not deal with it! Good Luck!

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