March 23, 2010

SuperNanny to the rescue

This morning princess told me in a calm, unequivocally confident tone "I'm not afraid of you!"

WTH am I supposed to do with that? She's four and notwithstanding the myriad of issues that I'm already facing (and I say "I'm facing" because Daddy doesn't get down like that) I can't imagine it getting any worse.

I need SuperNanny to come to my house to straighten this chick out because I have no idea what to do and I'm pretty fed up with her constant opposition.

She's four!!!!!!



Justice Fergie said...

Girl, I've told you before and I'll say it again: you need to tear that behind up; and not with those cute little "spankings" you currently give her. I'm certain other parents will disagree, but there is something to be said for honest to goodness spankings. You'll find that if you do it a couple of times - properly - you won't have to do it again.

Another option is to take away something that she likes. I also highly recommend the book "1-2-3 Magic!" which has dramatically changed our household (you can borrow mine!)

Whatever you decide, the key is to be consistent, firm and to let her know who is in charge. Hubby is a firm proponent of Fear = Respect. And while I don't fully agree, I do see that our children need to fear us ... just a little. Otherwise, there is a constant power struggle that won't go away and will also result in the children having issues with other authority figures. If you don't get ahandle on it now, imagine what you'll be going through when she's 13!

Inspire All said...

I have to agree fully with Fergie. Spankings are sometimes need when given properly. My daughter is very head strong and independant and she has been this way from day one!

I have a system with her where I feel like I shoould not have to call you or ask you more than once. But as a mother I do. But what I do is start counting, when I get to 3 that is trouble! I can honestly say I have never gotten to 3 without her saying at 2 or 1, "yes, ma'am" or "I am here".

I am very stern but loving with her. I play with her, but she does have that healthy level of fear. I feel that it is an invaluable part of a childs growing up and being able to respect their parents!

I hope this helps.

Dina said...

ROFL! Especially at Justice Fergie's advice.
I agree, sometimes, the only thing you can do is to go "old school" and tear that little BEhind up.

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm glad I did.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I'd like to join the Amen corner, backing Fergie up. Tear that behind up! Old school didn't hurt any of us. I'm 41 years old. If I talked to my Mama like that today, I'd get my but beat!

There is still a level of fear in me when it comes to my mother. Fear of letting her down.

Another great book is 'The Thingamajig.'

Jonez said...

My 1st thought was: "She needs a spanking." Then I winced b/c I recalled my own personal history with discipline.

Growing up, I had a mouth that was out of control, as a result, I received more spankings (and once got my mouth washed out with soap by my grandmother) than I care to recall. It's tough because I look back at all my spankings I've received and .. well.. I don't resent my parents but I really wished they tried other methods of punishment.

I don't really have advice for you and your daughter. (Again, I'm conflicted between spankings & the alternatives) but SOMETHING has to be done. If she's acting this way now at 4, imagine what she'll be like at 14!

I agree with the other ladies; you have to instill some kind of "fear" into your little girl.

Carlene said...
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Carlene said...

Wow Ny, she is really testing you. Send her to NY for a week or I may have to come out there for a week. WOW. I am in shock! You need to beat that behind.....when daddy isn't home of course, and then put her in the time out corner.

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