March 15, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

Oh that post title would be hilarious if only the situation weren't so sad.

On Saturday night, not 3 days after writing this post, I was enjoying a fantastic evening at Momz Share (more on that soon), when I got a text from my sister who had so graciously agreed to babysit for me while Hubby was out of town. The text read something like this:

"Emergency! The basement is badly flooded."

Ok, so that's exactly what her text said.

All I could do was laugh. I mean really, what else could I do? Ask TeachMama how calm I was. She was in disbelief.

And really so was I. Anyway, I decided to vlog the aftermath. Enjoy the show.


LizzieB said...

Oh Staceeee, there's no nice way to say it but that just sucks! Hope you guys were able to salvage most of your belongings and that it's just the carpet that needs to be replaced. Glad the hubby was there to help you clean up the mess.

Justice Ny said...

This is just a horrible mess. Hope you guys were able to save as much as you could. I must say that hubby seemed "thrilled" to be helping. It could have been worse though - imagine if you had to do this all yourself plus 3.

A Shorter Mama said...

YIKES with a capital YIKES! I am so sorry, but hats off on the first vlog;)

teachmama said...

You WERE calm. It was so interesting and inspiring and also a teeny-tiny bit confusing at the same time. Just a teeny bit.

Hugs, hugs, hugs. Hope you're enjoying a bit of a break, my friend. Goodness knows you need it!

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