January 29, 2010

RHOC - WTH Recap

Thursday nights aren't Thursday nights without The Real Housewives. I watch RHOC because it is entertaining and I love those gals because they're always up to something. I'm also particularly amused by the OC ladies as opposed to any of the other seasons (okay, well maybe NYC) because I find them a little more grounded; if that's possible!

Last night's episode was funny and sad at the same time because Lynne was a crazy horse. We've always known that she's a little ditsy and she has self image issues, but she's losing her mind with her kids. Her breakdown was probably alcohol-induced, but she does need help. She's so terribly out of touch with her girls and I think it's because she's trying to be their friend, rather than their parent.

My mom and I are extremely close, but during my teen years, she wasn't a "friend" she was a "mother." She put her foot down early and that eliminated the need for her to do it often. There were expectations, and limits, and consequences.

There is no way on this green earth that I would be able to talk to my mom with such disrespect, and I definitely couldn't be rude to her in public; far less with cameras rolling. The fact that Alexa (1) feels comfortable swearing in front of her mother, (2) swearing at her mother, and (3) walking out on her mother was totally unacceptable.

What are your thoughts?

BTW...it was extremely scary watching Lynn cry. Her face didn't move an inch. Please stop the plastic surgery Lynne - please stop!

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Anonymous said...

Girl I watched it this morning. My mouth hit the floor when the daughter told Lynn to kiss her A__. I could have never and would never talk to my mother like there. And here the daugther is saying she wishes her mother would discipline her. The problem is, it's too late. You discipline from the beginning. Like you said, Lynn needs to be their mother. Getting a facelift to look as young as your daughter is not helping the situation. I think they tucked her tooooooo tight.

ParlinMom said...

My mother would have broken me in half even with the cameras rolling. Her thing would have been you big & bold enough to say what you say then you big & bold enough to take this beat-down..LOL

I still don't curse in front of my mother or my child for that matter. Children do as they are shown and Lynne has made a mistake or two with them girls. She needs to try to get a hold of them as fast as possible before she is sorry.

Anonymous said...

yes i have noticed how there are these 2 areas on her cheeks that DO NOT move at all when she speaks/smiles/drinks/cries/anything. On another note she definitely needs to get a hold of herself and put her foot down with her kids. It is absolutely ridiculous that Alexa even thought that it was alright to be cussing her mama out and calling her mama a b&%^$. That would have ended differently in my home lol

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