January 27, 2010

An adult hit

So I got hit on yesterday! It's been a long time since I've been hit on and this was a pretty direct hit. First, allow me to indulge in the flattery for a moment. After being married for a few years and after being with the same gentleman for about 10 years, it's a confidence booster to know that there are men out there that still find you attractive. So, yes....in a sorta kinda shameless way, I liked it.

Now onto the hit... it came from out of nowhere. I was having a conversation with someone who visits our office quite often and is considered a friend of the office. He is a single gentlemen who likes to have a good time with multiple women, So, he asked me, as he always does, to set him up with some of my single friends, to which I replied "I have none." Thinking that was the end of the conversation I went about my business and then he continued to remark that if I didn't find him someone he was going to rely on me to fill the role [insert a sly smile here]. A pretty cheesy hit, but I think a hit no less.

I must admit that I was a bit confused and scared for about 25 seconds because this was the sort of thing that I was so accustomed seeing on soap operas and I wondered whether this was an adult thing that I wasn't prepared for. You know, as a child looking at soap operas with my grandmother, there was always "adult" stuff that I didn't understand. The sort of things that only adults would do - sex in the office or smack in the middle of the day, cross relationships among the same group of people, crazy pick-ups like this one. Can you imagine this setting on a soap opera (Y&R, for instance)? That scene would end up with the two parties in a very compromising position, right. So, having never been hit on in such an adult way, I thought for a second, OMG....I might actually not be ready for these adult situations and what should I say, how should I react?

I laughed! Yup, I laughed out loud until I howled. It was my instinctual reaction because I really wondered whether he had lost his mind. I don't know whether that was the adult thing to do, but it just came out. Oh well ... maybe I'm not ready to cross into the adult world of soap opera life quite yet. Funny though!

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Sheliza said...

I would have had me a hearty laugh too!!

Daenel said...

I would have had the same reaction!

K. Rock said...

What a sly fella that was. It definitely feels good to get hit on but I think I would have done the same thing.

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