January 24, 2010


The combination of scents in my house right now is stifling. I want to escape! I'm just about going crazy. Imagine a stinky basement, a broken garbage disposal and air freshener.

My basement has stunk for about a year. Why don't I just clean it, right???? Right!!!!! The problem is a little deeper than that. My fat cat got sick last year and we didn't really realize that he was sick for a couple days. So, poor kitty was basically crying for help and then started peeing in the basement. Yes, peeing! I guess we weren't paying him enough attention to realize that he was sick. So, rather than peeing in his cat box, kitty was peeing everywhere. As it turns out, he had kidney stones or some kind of urethral blockage. He got better after spending a night at the vet and us forking out a $500 check. But then .... the scent. What to do about the scent? I tried all sorts of scent removal products and techniques and nothing has worked. Some provide temporary relief, but none has permanently taken care of the problem. We got rid of our chairs and other furniture that kitty may have infected, but the scent is still here....lurking and silently driving me insane. I suggested to my husband that we get rid of the carpeting and his response was what's wrong with you - there's no scent. Are you kidding me???? Where's your sense of scent? So, I've been stuck with a scent that apparently is only in MY head.

Then my garbage disposal stopped working on Wednesday night - and of course, it would stop on the night that I made fish. The motor is apparently stuck and I've been at the bottom of the cabinet with a flashlight and a wrench trying to jimmy the motor, but with little luck. There is stuff in there; stuff that I prefer not figure out (or even think about for that matter). The only saving grace in this situation is that husband actually smells it!

So, there is the stinky basement and the rotting garbage disposal and I added insult to injury because in my infinite wisdom I sprayed a lovely air freshener through the house. In ordinary circumstances, this Pier One house freshener is divine. But I guess rather than changing the scent (which I thought it would) it has mixed with the other scents and I now have a melange of stinky scents.

I need a mask ... Just great! If you have any tips on solving either of my two problems, let me know .... please.

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ParlinMom said...

try to pour white vinegar ina bowl and putting it in the basement and it SHOULD help the smell disappear.
as far as the kitchen smell you may try the vinegar also but I guess until it is cleared you smell it.
candles may help also, get a few with a neutral scent and that should ease the foul odors.

good luck!!

TravelDiva said...

I've had a cat for years and this is no small problem to fix. It would have been much easier to take care of it as you go so you know exactly the spots that you have to take care of. Now that it has dried (into your padding) it is going to be damn near impossible but you can try.

First thing to try is go to your vet and get several bottles (depending on how many spots you need to clean) of the cat odor remover they use. I have yet to find store bought stuff to really do the job. You will have to saturate the stinky areas. Let sit and then use a shop vac or shampo-er (rent one - you'll never get it out of you own). Then once a week for a month, apply the Pet Arm&Hammer Carpet powder & vacume. Immediately dispose of bag.

Pricey. Yes. Hassle. Yes. But its either try this or live with the smell. Otherwise, you need to remove all the carpet and padding. clean subflooring and replace.

Good Luck & God Bless. I HATE THAT SMELL and know that I would smell it constantly. It would drive me mad and I love my kitty.

cocoamommy said...

I am very familiar with food being stuck in the garbage disposal and of course I could not find the garbage disposal wrench. So it was Home Depot here I come. In this tight space underneath a sink you are expected to turn this thing a full revolution. Sometimes it is just not possible. However after many turns back and forth the jam usually gives. Good luck! Unfortunately I do not have a cat so I am no help there. Can you place baking soda boxes around to absorb the smell?

Sheliza said...

Gosh that really stinks!! I think you do indeed need a mask. Sometimes when bad odors get stuck in your nose it is a good idea to sniff plain coffee or coffee beans. It clears the funk out! Good luck with getting rid of the stinky stuff. I know what it's like and you are not the only one with a hubby that can't smell the funk :)

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