January 24, 2010

Saints are NFC Champions

New Orleans Saints are the NFC Champions tonight and are heading to the Superbowl! Congratulations to all Saints fans!!!!!

I don't like football, in fact, I don't like sports at all. But, I've been watching football tonight because it's on and my hubby is a junkie. When the game went into overtime my hubby suggested that I not change the channel and watch the entire game because it was going to be history regardless of which team won.

When I saw the kick in overtime (please excuse me because I may not be technically correct) tears flowed down my cheeks because I was truly very happy for them - for the team, the fans and the city.

I was joyful to see a triumph for New Orleans. Just think that the stadium in which the game was played housed thousands of people just fours years ago. Never having been to the city, I cannot say whether the reconstruction of the stadium has been a victory for all people in New Orleans, but I can only hope that the wealth that surrounds this team has in some way helped the downtrodden.

If nothing else, seeing the Saints rise to the top, will remind this nation that work still needs to be done in New Orleans.
In the meantime ... revel in this victory; you've got a fan in the making over here!!!!!

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Krystal Grant said...

I really feel like I should care about football because if my husband wasn't married to me, I'm sure he'd be married to football. Oh how I can't wait until February when football season is over. Then maybe the air filters will get changed!

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