January 31, 2010

Hello? Yes, I'd Like to Order Takeout

So I'm sitting in the hair salon under the dryer (yes, they have wifi, woot!!) trying to plan my dinner menu for the week so that I can hit the grocery store as soon as I duck out of here. I realized that coming up with meal ideas is becoming increasingly challenging with my fabulous Party of 5. Consider all of "dietary restrictions" I have to work around:

Hubby: Dislikes onions (hello?? I don't get it), peppers, mushrooms, spicy foods. Oh and doesn't like leftovers. (No comment).

Chatterbox: Barely eats anything; Dislikes cheese; Only wants "crabs and ribs"; Has 3 loose teeth, which knocks most proteins - including, incidentally crabs and ribs - and breads, etc. out of the running.

Giggles: Is my prize eater. She is not picky, always hungry (but if she had her way, we'd have spaghetti or rice every day).

L'il Buddy: Is 20 months. The palette? Not-so-developed. At least at the moment he and Chatterbox are on the same page with respect to what they can chew. Also has a tendency to fling his (suctioned) bowl all over the place, dangerously near my brand new ivory silk drapes. So red spaghetti sauce? No sir. Sorry Giggles.

Sigh. As for me, I am on my never-ending path to lose weight, so carbs and rich foods aren't ideal for me.

WHAT TO MAKE?? Ah yes, reservations.

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Sheliza said...

I can certainly understand what you mean!

Execumama said...

*Slow clap* That was so perfectly written! Seriously, I know you felt it when you wrote it too. Sometimes, it just works RIGHT, and this post was definitely one of those times.

Oh, and about the food, you need to adopt some of my Old-School-Caribbean traits and start talking about starvation in Biafra and doling out threats of "Air Pie and Breeze Cake" for dinner if they don't eat whatever you make. It works, Trust!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Oh my, your family sounds like mine. With 7 people it gets rough making a menu. What,hubby doesn't like left overs?! Gasp. He doesn't cook does he?!

Giggles sounds like my 13 year old, always hungry. She has headaches a lot, because she doesn't get enough to eat at school, and taking your lunch isn't cool right now. We lovingly call her hungry, hungry hippo, and she's not big, just eats like one!

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