February 01, 2010

Work, Life and You!

On Thursday, February 4, at 1:00 PM EST, your truly will be participating in the Fem 2.0 Work/Life in Our Communities Blog Radio Series: Wake Up, This Is the Reality! The topic of Thursday's show is "Work/Life and African-American Families." A perfect fit, don't ya think? Seeing as how I spend all of my days blogging about my work/life juggling act! Shireen Mitchell (aka DigitalSista) of My Tech Swirl will be the host, and I will be sharing the microphone with Avis Jones-DeWeever, Director of Research & Policy, Center for African-American Women, National Council of Negro Women.

Yes, I am a little bit nervous.

I'm hoping to bring the perspective of an African-American woman who is waist-deep in the trenches of motherhood and in the daily struggle of balancing career, family and home.

"Fem2.0’s campaign, Wake Up, This Is the Reality!, aims to change the way our society talks about work, to shift the story away from privileged "balance" and corporate perspectives to one that reflects the reality on the ground for millions of Americans and American families. We need this shift if we want policy makers to know how tough it is out here and move them to act on legislation around such issues as paid sick days, healthcare, child and elder care, equal pay, etc.

To achieve this shift, we must be many and we must be LOUD."

I would love to use this opportunity to discuss some of the concerns, challenges, ideas and solutions that real women have. Please leave me a comment or send me an email if you want to share your thoughts and experiences on the topic.

In the meantime, be sure to tune in each day this week as Fem 2.0 spotlights the work/life experiences of Latinos, Seniors and Military. They are also hosting a blog carnival that you can participate in.

We need your voice!

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