January 26, 2010

RHOC Sunday

I spent most of Sunday glued to the television catching up on RHOC. I've seen all of the episodes this season, but there's always something that you miss when you go to the bathroom or talk with hubby; so I was able to sit in front of the tv and I devote my time to watching a few episodes again. Amongst all the things going on in their lives there are a few story lines that struck a cord with me.

Donn and Vicki renew their vows

I love Donn. I do. He seems like such a sweetheart. He’s understanding and loving and he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. The trip to Turks and Caicos was beautiful and Donn was so emotional that it was refreshing to see a man express his feelings. Vicki is another story though – she was mechanical and superficial and I was not at all impressed. But, I “fell in love” with Donn all over again. In his vows he alluded to trying times in their relationship and I wondered whether he had always been a loving man or whether his disposition is due to the struggles that they’ve encountered in the past. If it's the latter, I am hopeful for my own relationship.

Alexis fights for Jim

I don’t get their relationship. He seems uber-controlling and my personality would never fit with someone who is that “in charge”. But, it seems to work for them, so more power to Alexis. I was intrigued by her (re)action at the tupperware party because I don’t think I would ever be able to be so confrontational. She is as possessive of Jim as he is of her and I was impressed that she was confident enough to confront the girl immediately and in such a public setting. It appears like she is not permitted to do a lot of things (e.g. show her goodies on the yacht, talk too loudly in the restaurant, express her viewpoint at the races) so I wondered why Jim didn’t stop her earlier in the confrontation. Was it because it was about him? Regardless, I admired her guts to get it over and done with right there and then rather than waiting until she got home to be angry at Jim (BTW...that's typically my approach).

Tamra and Simon are getting divorced

I empathize with what they are going through right now and I hope the kids are protected through it all.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who keeps up with this madness. I think Vicki is just totally into herself and everyone else is secondary. God Bless her husband. The other couple reminds me of my neighbors across the street. He's a control freak. He didn't put up fight because I think he enjoyed the attention being on him. They are a different kind of couple.

Candice said...

I agree with you about Alexis and her husband. He does seem very controlling. Better her than me, LOL! I guess that's what you have to deal with some times if you want a lifestyle like that.

ParlinMom said...

I agree that Donn shows hope for all relationships. He had me in tears right along with him but I was a little impressed with Vicki because the whole trip and renewing their vows seemed a little unlike her. Maybe there is hope for her after all.

As far as Alexis and Jim...a ship waiting to sink. After some time a person in that kind of controlling situation wants to spread their wings but their partner doesn't want that to happen and it usually ends in disaster. I hope for them it is not like that but more power to her for tolerating it at all.

Tamara and Simon another ship that has sunk. I do agree that I hope the kids are ok.

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