August 18, 2009

Better Tuesdays: Exercise routines

I’ve been waiting for this validation my entire adult life “Like Their Lives, Women's Exercise Passes Through Phases”. Better U kept it real when they posted this link on Facebook yesterday!!! The article discussed a study that found that for many women their ability to keep an exercise routine changes with various phases in their lives - young motherhood, retirement, menopause etc. Hello....haven't we been saying that for ages?

If you remember my post last week, I was (and still am) really discouraged about the fact that I’ve only lost 5 pounds since starting Better U and was ready to quit. I got a lot of encouraging words from readers (thanks everyone) and then I saw this article that gave me a quick pick-me-up.

I am stressed right now with planning Blogalicious; dealing with my 4 year old who won’t listen and is just becoming more and more of a handful; thinking about downgrading my car to save some money when my lifeplan included an upgrade at this time; handling the disappointment that I'm not where I want to be in my career; wondering why I’m 4 weeks late and I’m not pregnant (been to the doctor); and all the other the other day to day stresses that come along with my role.

So I think I understand why I’m not seeing the weight loss that I expected. I’m just too stressed to lose weight! Once I get through this stage, the weight will drop off like magic!

Remember to check out Joshilyn's blog for more on Better U.

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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That is really good information. I know at varying times in my life I have more or less committed to exercise. I need to get back on the saddle.

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Stress is most definitely a factor! Your body will only take on what it can so be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. You will get back in the groove soon enough! I am also glad to know that I am not the only one with a 4 year old that will not listen!

kathy sykes said...

At least you ARE exercising. Your life plan sounds like mine (along with the stresses). When you hear someone else say it, it makes you laugh a little because I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

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