August 17, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge: Week 1

The sweet folks over at Tiny*Prints must have sensed my funky mood of late, because they invited me to be one of the amazing bloggers participating in their awesome project called: The Gratitude Challenge. The Gratitude Challenge is a 21-day project created to help me take note of the brighter side of life. For a few minutes each day, I will be encouraged to spend a few minutes counting all of life's little blessings. Right on time, don't you think?

Each day there is a list of tasks for me to do, reminiscent of The Love Dare that Hubby and I recently finished, but this one is just for me. I'm very much looking forward to taking the Challenge since it seems like lately I've been caught up on the wrong side of things, focusing on what I don't have rather than all the precious things that I do.

My Gratitude Challenge Kit arrived at my doorstep in a pretty box, filled with beautiful things - most of which I can't open just yet! First, I took The Gratitude Pledge, promising to fulfill the terms of the Challenge. Here is where I need your help friends. I need you all to hold me accountable and to support and encourage me in living on the brighter side of life.

I'm hoping that this exercise will be that reminder that we all somethimes need of just how blessed we really are. For this reason, I am embracing the theme of Week 1:


And I am.

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Justice Ny said...

Can I get in on this? I desperately need this - I'm stressed out for so many reasons, one of which is that fact that I'm not happy with what seems like "anything" in my life right now.

So funny because I tweeted on Saturday night that I need some sunshine and to move from under the cloud that I've been for a while now.

Wifey said...

Love this! I'm going to live vicariously through you and take The Gratitude Challenge. Is there drinking involved? Just kidding.

Winks & Smiles,

Execumama said...

For what it's worth, this challenge totally gets the Execumama stamp of approval! I think nothing but good can come from this. I celebrate the Good Stuff on the regular, and it is an AWESOME thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I can really relate: I have been really cranky lately because I have to move and I started a new position, but at the same time I am moving to San Diego (blessing) and I have an exciting new jog (blessing) making the switch to Grateful with The Gratitude Challenge is a much better way to roll. I 'll be following you- it is going to be fun!

Bonggamom said...

Hey J.F., that's exactly why I'm excited to be doing the Gratitude Challenge too!

Ananda said...

This is great. I will join you in my silent practice. My life coach gave me a similar exercise in July. It helped tremendously.

Peter and Nancy said...

I love this! My gratitude measuring was changed dramatically after coming back from a trip to a developing nation almost two years ago -- I burst into tears the first time I drank water from our faucet. I was so grateful to have clean water for me and my kids! I had never really thought about that before.

But, I'm sad to say that the daily awareness of it wears off as time goes by. Thanks for the reminder!
-- Nancy

Peter and Nancy said...

P.S. How was The Love Dare? I'd love to hear how that went.
-- Nancy

Smiling Mama said...

This sounds awesome! Can't wait to follow along with you.

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