August 14, 2009

Beauty Bootcamp: Hair

I promised to tackle facial skin care today, but I’ve decided to address my beauty regimen in the same order that I’m getting “work” done. So, this afternoon I have a hair appointment and wanted to spend some time talking about the mystery that is our hair.

I have medium length hair that is fine and frizzes in the humidity. I have a lot of hair, but it’s really fine so when it’s straight it looks like nothing. My hair is curly/wavy and for many, many years I did not put any permanent chemicals in my hair – no color, no relaxer, nothing. If you watched RHOA last night, I have “swimmer’s hair” like Lisa Wu Hartwell - I can pretty much wash and go. That was perfect for my time in college and in law school because the upkeep was minimal. Yet, I was jealous of the ladies who got their hair “did” and looked all pretty. So, I started coloring it. My hair grows pretty fast, so the color didn’t do as much damage as I thought. I guess it was not damaging because I didn’t apply excessive heat to it on a regular basis.

When I hit about thirty I decided to put a texturizer in it. To be honest, that wasn’t so bad. I had the flexibility to wash and go, and yet, I could go straight when I wanted and I loved leaving the Dominican hair salon looking like a superstar. (I mention the Dominican Hair Salon specifically because no one else – even the very expensive salons – has ever been able to get my hair as straight as my Dominican lady. I would go there more often if the wait wasn’t so darned long.)

Anyway, about one year and half ago I decided to take the plunge and relax my hair – because I was a grown lady - And grown ladies have their hair done all the time and never wear pony tails (unless they’re working out) and there is no need to do the curly thing any more – because I’m grown!!!!

Now, I don’t have swimmer’s hair anymore. The curl is gone; when I wash it just blows up into a huge poof-ball. The only way it looks half decent anymore is when it is blown straight. I can do it by myself, but not only does it take a very long time, I end up blow drying and then flat ironing and then wrapping and all that jazz. And that brings me to this afternoon – I am going to the salon and I’m going to get some sort of conditioning treatment (deep condition or hot oil) and then I’m getting it roller set. I don’t want to use the flat iron especially since I have time today.

I need to start taking better care of my hair – because I’m a grown lady (period). And it starts here! I will share with you some tips that are stored at the left hand back corner of my brain that I rarely bring forward, as well as some tips that I’ve found during my internet travels.

Tips from the back corner of the brain (not a large arsenal at all - that's why I need help)

- Egg and mayo treatment leaves your hair naturally shiny, smooth and soft. Just mix an egg and about 1-2 tablespoons of mayo together and apply it to your hair. It’s going to be gross but it works. Leave it in for at least 15 minutes and then wash and condition as usual. Your hair will have a tremendous sheen and softness all for under $1.
- A little coconut oil in your scalp is great for shine.
- What ever happened to the hot comb?

Tips from around the net (many tips from

- Always do your color after your perm.
- Split ends cannot be repaired by treatments or conditioner. If you have split ends you must trim them before they continue down the hair shaft.
- Always style your hair using a wide toothed comb. The teeth should be rounded on the ends to avoid scratching the scalp.
- When you blow dry your hair before curling, blow dry it to a point where there is still a slight bit of moisture left in your hair. By not blow drying your hair completely dry before curling and styling, this will allow you use less heat for less time in order to curl your hair.
- My husband will love this one, never go to bed with your hair in rollers or pony tails because the tossing and turning during sleep with rollers or pony tails may cause the hair to pull and break.
- Use a satin pillow case to sleep.Refrain from putting your hair in pony tails because the bands (especially elastics) put too much stress on the hair.
- If you want a longer hold for your style when using a curling iron, try spraying the hair before you iron with a thermal styling spray.
- If your hair is colored and you plan to swim in chlorinated water you must protect your hair. Wear a bathing cap or thoroughly wet your hair before you go in the water and apply some conditioner and don’t rinse.
- Avoid using shampoos that will strip your hair and leave it squeaky clean.
- After shampooing your hair, press the water from your hair, first with your hands and then with a towel. Always avoid rubbing the hair at all times, as your hair is at its weakest when it is wet.
- Leave in conditioners help protect your hair from airborne pollutants, the weather and helps prevent damage from thermal styling tools.
- Mineral oils clog pores.
- Avoid overuse of products with mineral oil or petroleum. They tend to block the pores and are not readily absorbed. If your mother used Vaseline on your hair, stop.
- Do a protein treatment at least once a month.

Next week I'll tackle facial skin care.

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Dee said...

Ok girl there are some great tips here. I bought coconut oil today the extra virgin one but for cooking though as I hear it is great.

But once I hit 40 I Stopped relaxing my hair. It just required too much to look like a grown lady:) and I find I don't mind looking younger now. Isn't life grand. I'm back natural and loving. Now if only I could go back to having a full head of black hair.

Ms. Latina said...

Mmmm I love the mayo treatment! In my family, we didn't add egg to the mixture we would just use mayo straight from the jar. Its a cheap alternative to many of the pricier treatments found in stores AND you can use that left over mayo that expired so it doesn't go to waste!

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