July 09, 2009

Next stop, the weave shop!

Yep, I'm getting me some weave. That's right, telling it like it is. Here's why- I am having a hair mid-life crisis. I used to have long, thick, luscious hair and it seemed like the day I turned 30, it all fell out and got limp on me. My hair has not been growing, it's dry, and it's thin. Day before Mother's day, I decided I wanted to get a new, fresh look for my day. I decided to get some color and highlights and a fresh trim. The color I was going for was brown with soft honey colored highlights. I had a picture of Jessica Alba that showed exactly what I wanted. This turned out to be disaster #1. I literally spent nine hours at the salon because the lady that did my hair had probably never colored hair in her life. My hair went from strawberry red, to Burgundy red, to blond, and finally, a color that I'm not sure what to call. Blondish-red? Either way, it was the exact color of Keysha's color to the right.

Cute, but I'm not a sexy R&B singer. I'm a lawyer, law professor, mother. Hello.

After that horrible nine hour three different color experience, the "stylist" finally just put a rinse in my hair that made my color a dark chestnut brown. So much for the new look. My hair was dark brown before. Lovely.

One month and two more colors and highlights later, my hair is finally close to what I wanted. I went to another stylist and she fixed the base color and gave me my honey highlights, but they were too thick. She promised me she could fix the chunks of honey with no problem. She ended up covering them all back up and left me with maybe five honey strands on my head. Disaster #2.

I'm so fed up with my hair and since it's probably going to fall out from all this color anyway, I'm going buy me some hair, get it in the color I want, and going to have it put in my head. I'm going to have that long honey color look I was going for.

So ladies, what kind of hair do you recommend I buy??

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Ms. Latina said...

I def. feel you cause hair can make or break a look!

Reminds me of a bad experience I had a few yrs back. I went to a new place because my cousin, who normally did my hair, moved to Puerto Rico. Summer was coming and I wanted to lighten my dark brown hair to a reddish brown with highlites.The stylist gave me a BRIGHT red which she could not take out the same day for fear of my hair breaking/falling out.

I work with attorneys and suffice it to say I was not invited to meetings till I changed my color to a more "respectable" color! LOL

Peter and Nancy said...

Best wishes to you with the hair trauma!! I have only highlighted my hair once because a.) I'm too lazy/stretched for time to keep up with the roots and b.) as time went on, the color got really brassy and completely wrong for my shade of brown. We'll see if I change my tune as I get more grays. :o)

Post a photo of your new look, would you? Please . . . ?
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I know you are probably thinking, 'that's what I should have done to begin with.'
Please let me know what kind of hair you decide on. I so want a weave.

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