July 09, 2009

UPDATED ~~ 16 and pregnant

UPDATED ~~ I'm back in front of MTV again on this Thursday night and I'm watching this show.again. Folks...let me tell you, it's only getting worse. This week's episode features a 16 year old who is pregnant for her boyfriend of one year, with whom she lost her virginity, who is moving in with her and her family after she dropped out of school. Here's the kicker...she lives with her mom who is also pregnant and they both live with her grandparents in what seems to be a trailor home and so far, everyone seems pretty happy. This just isn't getting better. Hopefully for her sake it ends better than it has started BUT...I have a feeling that it's not. This just might be the episode that serves as a deterrent!!!

As you know, I'm an MTV junkie, so in true form I am watching a marathon session of "16 and Pregnant". I must admit that I usually enjoy all MTV reality shows, but I'm really wondering about this one.

The show chronicles a teenager (16-17) through her pregnancy. They start filming about 5 mounts into the pregnancy and then the show follows the girl through birth until a few months after birth. The stories attempt to show the emotional roller coaster that these teens are on and it highlights some of the struggles that they endure (wondering about the boyfriend and their future; questioning whether they are going to prom; trying to figure out what they're going to do with their life etc.), but I don't think it shows enough struggle to really be a teen pregnancy deterrent. It might actually glorify teen pregnancy in a subtle way.

Maybe if they started filming in the third trimester and spent more time after birth, that might serve as a better deterrent. Having a baby doesn't really hit you until the baby actually arrives - that's when you realize that 4 hours of sleep is a luxury; that you just can't get up and go out anymore; that colic is real; that you will not be able to figure out why the baby is crying for the first 2-3 months; that that baby's life depends on you 100% - so that might be a better strategy for them, that is, if they ARE trying to be socially responsible.

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Anonymous said...

16 and Pregnant makes being a pregnant teen seem so glamorous. They should have someone like Diane Garnick tell her story on that show as a follow up.

She was 15 when she had her baby, worked hard and then went on to become a famous author and Wall Street wiz. At least she tells people how hard it was to be a teenage Mom.


www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

I watched this marathon and wondered the same thing. Are they making it look easy or are they making it seem "cool"? I saw one episode where the mom graduated early and went on to college and she really did struggle with making it all work. I hope that teens watch this and realize how different/hard life is with a baby.

Not so Anonymous said...

Having been a teenage mother (I was 17 and pregnant) they seemto only spotlight girls that appear to be happy or content with the situation. I spent the the first 5 months of my pregnancy depressed and scared that my life was totally doomed. As you said, things were really rough after my daughter was actually born. There was no glamour, no supportive boyfriend, and 24 hour non stop days that felt way longer than they needed to be.

Enough of my story...I don't think this show does much to deter young girls and boys from having irresponsible sex...it just gives these kids a place to share a peice of thier edited journey....sigh.

Peter and Nancy said...

I wish they'd show the nitty gritty of being a mom -- spit up, no sleep, uncertainty, no going out, flabby body . . . And have some straight talk about how hard it is to finish school and go on to college with a baby. Or I dearly wish they would make adoption look as glamourous and appealing as keeping the baby. (I'm an adoptive mama, so I'm a little biased.) Sigh.
-- Nancy

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