July 10, 2009

Finding out where you're at

I can hardly believe that this week is almost over - happy but a little surprised too.

Last week I mentioned that I had plateaued in my healthy me efforts - to be honest, I was really fed up and tired of trying. I haven't lost any weight and my body is still fat. So I decided to stop and repeat Week 5 of the Better U program. I'll end up being a week behind the Justices ... but that's okay because I really need to do this.

So, this week I have 2 handy-dandy tools for you.

1. The BMI Calculator which you can find here.

2. The Calorie Calculator - The best little tool that I have ever found - this will help you figure out how to calculate how many calories you should be in-taking based on your current weight. And the magic is finding out how much is standard for your current weight and then reducing those calories so you can lose weight. Click here for a PDF version of the tool AND all the instructions courtesy of the American Heart Association.

Hopefully I'll have good news for my 6-week check in. I'm hopeful but I'm also realistic!

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Aretha said...

Good luck! I'm happy that you're not giving up. I also haven't lost anything yet, but I haven't been as dedicated as you. I'm starting bootcamp next week! I found one just like the one I did in DC.

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