July 20, 2009

My goals for BlogHer

I'm looking forward to some relaxation time since it's going to be ONLY the second time in princess' life that we are going to be apart. I figured I would sleep in, relax at night, catch some sun and maybe some shopping, but from the looks of things, my itinerary is so full that I'll need some time off when I get back home! There are crazy parties and events (which start way too early for my liking), lots of discussions and tweets - all in all, lots of hype. I'm looking forward to it (oh, especially our event on Friday night "Lush Experience"). Wish me luck in achieving my goals!


Justice Fergie said...

My goal for BlogHer is to take EVERYTHING in. I am so, so excited to be attending my first blogging conference. I want to meet everyone, learn everything, enjoy every party - I want to do it all!!

So, no relaxation is on my agenda :) I'm about to get hype!!

Justice Jonesie said...

My goal is to meet everyone that I've been blogging with or tweeting with IRL. Impossible!

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