July 21, 2009

BetterU: Woman on a Mission

We are about halfway into our 12 week BetterU program. I've been working out at least three times a week. I keep track of my workouts on a calendar hanging in my closet. I use my calendar as a daily visual to remind me to get to the gym and also, pat myself on the back for accomplishing my weekly goals.

The jeans I wore in our photoshoot here on the right- getting just a little snug. So have I lost a pound? No. In fact, it seems like my scale is moving the wrong way. Or broken. It must be broken. Clearly, it's broken. Because after all this work, I should see some sort of results, right?

I sulked about my weight ga broken scale for a few days. Sulked might be an understatement because I was not at all pleased about the situation.

But the reality of it is, goal #1 for my BetterU campaign was to tone up and build some lean muscle. I figured that sure, I would drop a few pounds in the process but never thought I would gain weight break my scale in the process.

But I know what's wrong here. I need to watch my food intake. It's really simple. I need to stop eating until I'm stuffed and stop when I'm satisfied. I eat a lot have a very healthy appetite and eat my three square meals plus two snacks. My problem is with meals. I normally get up for seconds and even if I'm cooking healthy meals, no need to eat two portions of it, right?

So, for the next six weeks, I'm going to keep a food log. This will help me see what I'm really taking in and help me to maximize all that time at the gym.

What are you doing for the next six weeks?

Don't forget to visit our friend and best selling author, Joshilyn Jackson, to see how she's coming along in her BetterU makeover!

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Justice Fergie said...

damn that broken scale!

but seriously - the reason why your scale broke is probably because you're achieveing your goals of building muscle. way to go!

Peter and Nancy said...

I'll second Justice Fergie -- muscle weighs more than fat, so if you're building muscle you will see a few extra pounds show up. Have you been measuring yourself? Sometimes you can lose inches while gaining weight . . .

Don't give up! I'm starting my excercise class again as soon as I'm done with jury duty. (The first time I'll be back since adopting our daughter 18 mo. ago!!)
-- Nancy

Joshilyn Jackson said...

I think that scale needs t be EXTRA broken - I might kick it over the moon.

I did blog yesterday but I am on my creaky laptop in North Caroline so I do not have any of my BUTTONS stored on this computer. I will fix the link to you guys on that entry when I get home -- SORRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

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