July 20, 2009

You Knew This Was Coming

Remember my post on Friday that I wrote when I was bitten with the I-can-fix-all-things-myself bug?

Project #1 was to fix the curtains Hubby put up about six months ago. Two hours after I started my little project, I realized clearly why Hubby kept putting off the project re-do himself. First, I couldn't get all the darn screws out of the wall. Then, I couldn't put the screws I did get out back into the wall. I didn't have the strength to get the screws all the way into the stud. Man, did I work out my triceps that day. I was beat and sweaty after that project. (What? I am trying to become a BetterMe, triceps are important these days. )

I gave up with the project half-done and screwed up. (Pun intended). Needless to say, never got around to project #2.

The Hubsters is trying to fix it now. He had to saw.off.the.screws that I got half-way in. When I was trying to take them out, and put them back in, I stripped the screws bare. (In my defense, they were already kind of stripped before I even started.)

I better go because Hubster is in the middle of trying to fix this and he keeps cursing and slamming drawers. I tried to get him to at least look at the camera but he wasn't in the mood. Sheesh. When he uses my good towels to wash his car and ruins them, I don't walk around the house slamming linen closets!

(For the record, I offered to help him and he declined. So I decided to post about it. It's so therapeutic.)

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Baby Bunching said...

OMG! I'm cracking up about this. Home improvement at my house is constant since we just moved. These "home run" projects should be so easy and they end up taking you all freakin' afternoon and then you have sweat running down your face and then your husband does crazy things like saw off screws. :-)

Justice Fergie said...

LMAO!! I can just hear him cursing and slamming doors.

Hubby says you guys could have used pliers to pull the screw out of the wall?

Justice Jonesie said...

Baby Bunching: LOL, I know, how is it that the easiest things become the hardest?

Fergie: Pliers didn't work because I had them halfway into the studs and the nails were long. I don't know!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

That's the VERY reason, I don't get started, any more. My husband would be upset for a week, and say he wasn't, making him do something he had no intention of doing at that time. Hey, now that's a good idea. Get started on something he said he would do, and then MAKE like I messed it up. Thanks girl!

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