June 01, 2009

Summer Camp? Try Baby Boot Camp

My three year old is driving me bananas!! I am actually liking the idea of putting him in summer camp this summer, instead of being at home with me and the other two kids.

This is dead wrong, I know. But when he seems to be the center of all the fights and disruptions of peace, I rather put him out of the equation. I can't even believe I'm writing this- but this is how I feel. We call him Bruiser for several reasons including, the fact that he puts bruises all over himself and the people around him. He's constantly running, jumping, hitting, zipping, flying, etc. Not to mention that lately he's gotten into the habit of cutting.up.his.clothes.with.scissors. Yes.
Feel me?

My husband once disowned him in public. Yes.he.did. We were at Cracker Barrel in the gift shop area that has all kinds of neat goodies. Well, Bruiser was playing with something and was asked by the clerk to stop. After asking him at least three times, I took the item out of his hand and the boy threw a fit of all fits, screaming, kicking, falling out. (Hopefully, most of you have never experienced this before.) The whole store turns to look at us, including Hubby who was standing in line waiting to pay. I snatched him up, took him to the bathroom and waited for him to calm down.

This lady standing near Hubby in line says, "Somebody betta put that chil' to sleep!" Hubby just stood there like he didn't know us.

If there is such a thing as Baby Boot Camp I'm writing to sign my kid up!

After writing this post, I started having mommy guilt about what I was saying about my child and why I feel like this. I don't know. But what I do know is that in between all the yelling and hollering this little boy cuddles up to his mama, lathers me in kisses, and likes to rub my hair. He makes me melt. I love him.

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Justice Fergie said...

lol. sounds like somebody has their mama wrapped around his little finger :)

so funny that your hubby pretended like he didn't know y'all!!

Barbara said...

Hahaha. Nothing to feel guilty about. What you've just experienced is a part of motherhood and what you've just expressed is also a part of motherhood... an extremely NORMAL part might I add. So go ahead and take the not-so-good with the good, its ok =).

PS: I'll get started on that search for baby boot camps just to show you that you have my support, lol.

Joshilyn said...

You know, I always heard about the terrible twos....But both my kids were ANGELIC adorable little 2's.

The three's however? I almost sold them to gypsies.


Justice Ny said...

Awhhhh...I feel your pain and it's okay to write about your feelings because we ALL feel that way sometimes. Hubby is hilariuos though!

Anonymous said...

Just be patient,this is not going to last for ever!!!

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

j. fergie: guilty as charged.
Ms. Bar B: that's good to know, i like feeling like a crazy normal mama:)
Joshilyn: yes, twos were fine. Threes are killing me!
Ny: yes, isn't the baby daddy of the hysterical kid at cracker barell a trip?
Tita: I know that's you!

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