June 01, 2009

Walmart: Why I dislike thee - Let me count the ways

There is not a Walmart in my immediate vicinity here in DC (although there are 2 Targets), so I don't visit Walmart often. However, I went shopping the other day and strolled into Walmart - the ultimate one stop shop and I realized, my golly I can't stand Walmart. So I asked myself why and here are my reasons:

1. It's the ultimate one-stop shop - give me a break, do I really want to buy goldfish and milk and fabric and a flat screen tv ALL in the same place and then have dinner at Subway or Mc Donalds, get my nails done and go to the bank?

2. Awful lighting - I rationalized that it could just be that store, but then I remembered that I had the exact thought at another location I visited.

3. No music - this awful ad track looped the entire time I was in the store (about 45 mins) reminding customers about the great specials offered by Walmart.
4. Roll-back prices - give me a break...because everything ends in 88 or 44 cents does not mean it's cheap. Their prices are just about the same as everywhere else. I didn't really see any deals. Maybe their sales are better, but their regular prices weren't that cheap.

5. Odd scent - maybe because there are so many goods sold in this one location there is a dreaded symphony of scents.

6. Equate brand - I assume that's the Walmart brand because rather than my regular choice of brand products, I was bombarded by Equate everywhere I looked...can we get some selection please?

7. Lack of selection - I love walking down three or four aisles of products, for instance bathroom accessories/furnishings. It was as if Walmart decided for its customers that bathrooms should only be decorated in seven colors because that was all that was offered down the single aisle.

8. Blue smocks - Walmart...you are a billion dollar company, can you please buy some real shirts for your employees? The blue smock reminded me of the debate about how Walmart treats its employees - the smock represents dispensability. They refuse to invest in a t-shirt per employee; let's just give them smocks and then recycle the smocks as employees come and go.

9. That freaking tagline - Are they trying to convince us (and themselves) that we are "saving money" and "living better" by buying at Walmart.

10. Strange organization - I guess their psychologists assessed their shoppers and recommended that the store layout doesn't need to make logical sense because I don't understand how the store is laid out. I guess they make you walk through all the junk to get to the high-selling items.

11. Itsy-bitsy aisles - Do they not want two shoppers standing shoulder-to-shoulder in an aisle at the same time? I felt like I was downtown Manhattan at rush hour trying to wade my way through the store. W-i-d-e-n the aisles!

12. "-Mart" - The "-Mart" describes the entire shopping experience. I should have known!

Folks...maybe it was just my experience at these area Walmarts - maybe not!!! If you've got a different opinion, please share because I am now quite disgusted when I even see a tv ad.

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Nerd Girl said...

I love Walmart! Well, perhaps love is too strong a word. I LOVE Target! I like Walmart.

*I'm not a big shopper, so I appreciate the one-stop-shopping approach. Groceries, cleaning supplies and toiletries all in the same place - sign me up!

*Here in MS, they usually do have the lowest prices overall for groceries. Sometimes I have to venture into a true grocery store for curry paste or fish sauce, but for our day-to-day grocery needs, they can't be beat.

*Two of my three brothers work for WalMart. They're in the home office, are treated very well, and make good money. Can't speak to the hourly employees and how they are treated though I am aware of some of the allegations levied against WM.

*My kid had the time of her life yesterday - running through the sprinklers in the garden section while I was buying dirt. Yes, I know how country that sounds, but she had such a good time that I couldn't deny her. We may go back next Sunday . . .

Ms. Wanda said...

I am guilty as charged! My brother yells at me everytime I go to Walmart. As a matter of fact I can't even say it when I'm talking to him it is a bad word. I hate going their but I go, sometimes I can't get cheaper prices any place else. Equate, and Sam's choice are hard to beat. I don't do the produce that much because it's just not as fresh!
What can we do I think we are stuck with Walmart forever!

Justice Fergie said...

I am RIGHT THERE with you.

Wal*Mart just screams "bottom of the barrel" to me and it makes my skin itch. it literally gives my hubby a headache. interesting observation about the smocks, btw. i'm all about bargains, but everything about that store is just cheap, cheap, cheap - in the most negative sense of the word.

I don't understand why ppl shop there - Target should be blowing them out of the water!!

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

I agree re: the smocks. Very interesting observation.

I don't like Walmart because of I feel like the people who work in their stores never have a good attitude and hate their jobs. Makes me hate being there. I also can't stand the fact that they have about 40 aisles and yet only two are ever open at once!!! WTH??

Also, I sometimes feel like I'm at a Greyhound bus station-transients everywhere who look like they need a good soak. Maybe that's just were I live, which by the way, we have two Walmarts within five miles of each other both Super Walmarts.

Oh, and one more thing, the produce is not fresh. In fact, this weekend, I was there at 6:30 am buying strawberries, and the produce man that was unloading the strawberries was putting MOLDY strawberries out!!!
This would never happen at Publix or Target. I buy my groceries at Publix for so many reasons including the Buy One Get One Free deals!
(okay, sorry for long comment)

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