May 05, 2009

Better Tuesdays

Last Tuesday we were in Dallas with the AHA doing our fitness assessments as we gear up to the begin the Go Red Better U program on June 1st. So, we're dedicating Tuesdays to becoming Better Us. Each of the three mamas will dedicate a Tuesday post to what we are doing to change our lives as we strive to become better "U"s.

I have the honor this week!

When I returned from Dallas I realized that I am in really, really bad shape -- I'm not just talking about the extra 20-25 pounds that I'm carrying around (which is bad enough!), but also my cholesterol levels are not where they should be (HDL; LDL - I don't know which is good), my BMI indicates that I'm officially 'overweight', and I have very little stamina. It was the wake up call that I think I've needed for a while now. So, I can't wait until June 1st, I have to start making some small changes right now and then step it up as we progress through the program.

Here are my changes thus far:
- I can't believe it's not butter rather than butter - Both my hubby and I have started using it; it's a little odd tasting, but I'll stick with it a little longer.
- Egg beaters but I haven't yet made eggs.
- Whole grain english muffins instead of bagels - I'm so sad about this one because I honestly believe that I could live on bagels and cream cheese only.
- Yogurt and fresh fruit for snacks - This is not too bad because I like yogurt but I'm never been a snacker and I think it's well settled that six little meals are better than three big ones, so I would like to have yogurt and fruit for a few of those little meals.
- Light soups - vegetable based and not the yummy creamy ones that I love so dearly. This has been a little hard because who wants italian vegetable over corn and chicken chowder?
- Low fat frozen entrees - I hope to have these for lunch instead of just grabbing whatever I can find.
- Wearing a pedometer to track the number of steps taken on a daily basis - I wore one yesterday and I fell below the ideal 10,000 mark. I was about 9,000 steps so that's not too bad. But, I went shopping and to the grocery store today - not my typical day, so hopefully I can find ways to add some steps during the day.
- The biggest little change that I've made is engaging my hubby in a discussion about healthy eating - that's what I'm most proud of.

These changes are small but hard because I'm trying to change the way I look at food and exercise. I've never understood why I've put on so much weight because I don't eat a lot - but in the past week I've come to understand that it's not only how much I eat, but what and when.'s to a healthy and better me and hopefully a healthy and better you!

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Justice Fergie said...

great changes! i have made all of these as well. now to implement a regular exercise plan - that's MY big one.

here's to a better us!

Justice Jonesie said...

Wow! Your outlook is awesome. These changes are taking you to the right direction. I wish I was there so we could meet up for walks with the kids.

I love the pedometer. I keep stopping and checking my steps. I see myself becoming obsessed with how many steps I take.

Peter and Nancy said...

I just started taking cholesterol meds a few months ago (and I don't even turn 40 until August!!). If you like spicy food, you can make lots of southwestern soups that are healthy (tomato based) and still satisfy your flavor cravings. Best wishes to you as you make the changes!
-- Nancy

Justice Ny said...

Thanks Nancy...I'll definitely do that. I'll update regularly.

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