May 05, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week and Me: An Action Adventure

If you have school-age kids then you probably know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Meaning that there is just one more thing you have to remember to add to your insanely busy schedule. Don't get me wrong - I have the utmost respect for teachers and completely appreciate all that they do - I just do not have a spare moment to throw another task into the mix of my hectic daily shuffle. [Incidentally, apparently some teachers don't even really want parents to jump thru all these hoops anyway] But, like I always do, I found a way to squeeze this in and last night, after a fantastically-fun night on the town with the DC Metro Moms crew and Chef Spike, I headed to the grocery store at 10pm (yes, insanity) to pick up breakfast items for Chatterbox's teachers to enjoy this morning.

As luck would have it, Chatterbox woke up with a runny nose and cough (no fever, phew!) so we decided to keep her home. I have a big day at work today so I was rushing to get ready -- appreciative of the fact that I did not have to wrestle Chatterbox into her school clothes, coerce her to eat more than a crumb of her breakfast and check her backpack -- when I realized "Oh crap! I'm supposed to send the breakfast stuff with the nanny when she dropped Chatterbox to school!" So much for that plan since I wasn't going to ask the nanny to lug three kids all the way to school to take the food when no one was actually going to school today.

And so the initial calmness of the morning was short-lived. I tried calling the other parent who was organizing the breakfast to see if we could postpone until tomorrow, but she had already bought her items and they were donuts and bagels that really wouldn't keep until tomorrow. So, hubby and I flew out of the house as soon as the nanny arrived, drove the opposite way of work in traffic to drop off the fruit salad and juice to the school (where the teacher was SUPER thankful, by the way) and drove back to our metro station to start the lengthy commute to the city.

Now I know why I always feel disheveled and harried by the time I get to work.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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Sally's World said...

I wish we had this week kids have so many great teachers, who make such a difference to our lives, it would be great to show them this...

Justice Ny said...

You're sweet, but nuts! You're going to have to share some of that "stuff" that you're on:) I don't know where you get all the energy.

Justice Fergie said...

@Sally's Word: You can plan your won Teacher Appreciation Day (just be careful what you wish for! lol)

@Justice Ny: And all without coffee! heh heh. But seriously, I don't know where I get my energy from. But it's becoming apparent that it's not normal. I guess I'm just one of those people? It is both a blessing and a curse. Trust though - I AM tired.

Justice Ny said...

You don't EVER seem tired:)

Peter and Nancy said...

Tomorrow is my teacher day -- I was double hit for bringing lunch items, because most parents don't have kids in consecutive grades. And we're supposed to bring in a single fresh flower one day this week to make up a class bouquet, but I have no idea which day . . . Good thing we love our sons' teachers! :O)

Mrs Zeee said...

ladies- just visited your blog for the first time and i must say 'you've got it' awesome vibe. here. i'll be back!

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama said...

You went out of your way to make your daughter's teacher feel special and that's awesome! I'm sure she noticed that you came all the way to school despite the fact that your daughter was sick.

And to think you could have stayed a few minutes more to have partied with Chef Spike just a little longer!

Thanks for the link love!

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