April 22, 2009

April Showers Bring May Trips to the Container Store

It's about that time. The weather finally seems to be warming up and spring finally seems to have arrived in our area. We've fired up the grill and had our first BBQ of the year, hubby has done his spring yard cleanup and we're starting to actually OPEN the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Hurrah! It also means that it's time for some spring cleaning...inside the house.

Where to begin? It seems like we've been hibernating for the past 7 months or so and that stuff has accumulated just about everywhere. We've already designated a weekend to tackle the project and I've started making a list of particularly disastrous areas that need serious attention:
  • the top of the refrigerator (alas, it's in bad shape again)
  • the kids' arts and crafts corner
  • the coat closet (ay!)
  • the girls' closet (time to sort clothes that don't fit, need to be mended, needed to be donated, etc.)
  • my closet

Oh there are plenty more areas that could use some help, but I think this list is enough for now. If you have tips on making this task less painful, do share. Because I'm inclined to just throw it all out!

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