December 28, 2006

Cereal Killer...

Please excuse this fleeting moment of shallowness, house is driving me nuts!! Seriously, there's just too much stuff everywhere. I think we may have outgrown our cozy and cute home.

We don't have enough closet/pantry/bathroom/familyroom/space. Maybe it's because we just came back from my SILs spacious-vaulted ceilings-eat-in-kitchen-just-under-half-an-acre-yard-house but it feels like the walls here are closing in on me. There! I got it off of my chest. Don't get me wrong. I know that we are blessed and I am very grateful for all that we have. But it would be nice to be able to open my refrigerator without having the can of cream of wheat fall on my head because the top of the fridge is jam-packed with dry goods. And yes, this has happened more than once.

I suppose I could start by trying to de-clutter the place. But I suspect that moving to an entirely different dwelling would be tons easier. Don't you agree?? Ok, ok, fine.

I did find this great site today called
Mommy Track'd that has some useful tips for getting organized. Sounds like this project needs to be on my Things to Accomplish for 2007.

Alrighty, I'm off to (my cluttered) bed. I won't even torture you with a pic of my room. I do have a heart you know.


Tisha said...

*LOL* Hey, you snuck in my house and took that picture! I swear, that looks just like the top of mine. It's a black fridge too! Too funny.

Happy New Year

auntie fe said...

Hey, it's your SIL.:) Look, the more house you have--the more room you have to clutter. Trust me, I know. Oh and for resale purposes, my yard is .76 acres. :) Miss yall already!!!!!

Justice Fergie said...

hi tisha! well, i'm glad it's not just me :)

yeah, yeah, auntie fe -- go ahead and rub it in why don't you!! we miss you too. "FOCUS!"

Stimey said...

Honestly, I see people moving and I'm a little jealous because the thought of moving to a new house with only the stuff I really want is so enticing. I could leave a big pile of my junk in my old driveway and start a bonfire or something. :) Sadly, that won't be happening for a while.

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