October 28, 2008

Pumpkins and Hay Rides and Germs, Oh My...

Fall is officially here. To usher in the season, last weekend a friend and I took our kids to the pumpkin patch. Chatterbox and Giggles were so excited and reminded me throughout the week that we had to go "THEPATCHMOMMY!" to get our "punkin. " Finally, Saturday morning had arrived and we were off. Well, not without a fair share of "getting ready." I swear I started to get ready to leave the house around 8am (hubby was at football) and we did not pile into the car until about 11am. By now, I should certainly qualify for "veteran mother" status, but it still took me forever to get 3 kids and myself out the door. After 30 minutes of me trying all the tricks on the book to keep the girls awake during the ride there -- they are so cranky if they fall asleep and are woken up before they're ready -- we had finally made it.

One long and bumpy double stroller ride to the entrance and a sizeable wait in line later, we were ready to...eat. We hadn't even done anything yet and it was already lunchtime, but that's how these things go, isn't it? So we all scarfed down several hot dogs and handfuls of chips and decided to jump on the hayride. The hayride took us around the farm and to the pumpkin patch where we could (finally!) pick out some pumpkins. The kids took their jobs very seriously and painstakingly combed through tens of gourds until they were satisfied that they had chosen the perfect one. I had to take a break and have a seat right there in the middle of the patch since my arms were about to fall off from carrying the baby, the diaper bag, the camera, and multiple pumpkins. Sitting in the middle of the patch in the sun holding Li'l Buddy and watching the girls romp around was one of those moments that make you stop and count your blessings. But enough with the nostalgia -- up next...were the goats.

I am not a big fan of petting farms. Sure the concept is "cute" and I like the thrill that the kids get from getting up close and personal with the animals, but I also hate how dirty the kids get from getting up and close and personal with the animals. It's the Kate in me. And this particular petting farm did not disappoint and had the feed dispensers to let every willing small hand feed the slobbering animals right from their palms. (Yechhh.) Chatterbox didn't let me down though and, true to form, freaked out just as the goat was trying to eat the pellets out of her hand so she didn't end up touching any animals. Woot! Giggles however is fearless and fed several goats while loving every minute of it. It was then up to me to watch her like a hawk to make sure she didn't put her thumb in her mouth before we could go and wash hands. (Gag). After the goats we saw pigs, chickens, a steer and an emu. By this time Skipped Nap Syndrome had kicked in and the children were delirious and chasing each other around the farm screaming animal noises. We decided it was time to wrap up and after multiple trips to the (yechh) porta-potties and handwashing stations we were on our way.

It was a fun outing and the kids had a great time. And no doubt strengthened their little immune systerms in the process. Now that's what I call multi-tasking.


Smiling Mama said...

I'm so impressed! I have to admit, with three kids I might have thought of skipping this particular outing, but you did it and that is awesome!!

Justice Ny said...

How cute!!!! Looks like fun. It's my turn this weekend. Woo hoo!!!!!

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