December 23, 2006

MamaLaw #7 - Respect the Nap

"Respect the Nap"

And bedtime too for that matter.

Am I right? This really doesn't need to be a long and detailed post because all of you moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about. Naptime is sacred in my household. Unless there is a really extraordinary reason, neither of my girls are missing their naps or thier bedtimes. On the rare occasion when this does occur, bedlam ensues. So...imagine my dismay when the reality of a holiday vacation in another city, at a new house, with a new schedule sets in. First bedtime is all kinds of disrupted when we had to catch our 9:00pm flight last night. Then today, with all the excitement of playing with rarely-seen cousins, naptime was carelessly thrown by the wayside. Tonight, with dinner plans for a special family dinner (reservation time: 7:45pm) bedtime was again disrespected. In sum, after a day full of crankiness, whining, uncontrollable sobbing and Oscar-worthy dramatics, everyone (including DH) is finally asleep. Here's to sleeping in tomorrow morning. [A gal can dream, can't she??]

Nighty night.

How cute is this bedtime chart?


Justice Jones said...

This is really a good one. Yes, nap and sleep schedules are an absolute must in my house. And yes, for special occasions when family is in town or vice versa, we have to bend the rules but at the end of the night, it becomes a pure nightmare for everyone. Hubby and I have learned better. So when we are on vacation, we try to work around the naps. Otherwise, it’s a pure nightmare.

Very cute sleep schedule. If I had the time, I'd invest in one. Instead, I just bark these orders out to Oldest since he's the only one really old enough to do this stuff on his own. Poor kid. I really need to do better.

Justice Ny said...

Funny that your posting is about nap time because today (on the Eve of Christmas) DD's sleep schedule is all messed up. And I'm not really sure why. We went out and stayed out past her normal midday naptime...and one would think that by the time she got home she would sleep to her heart's content. But no, the opposite. I'm not sure whether she feels like once
noon passes and she hasn't had a nap that she MUST make a marathon run all through the day until bedtime.

Anyway, it's 7pm now and hopefully she'll get a decent nap. We've got another dinner to go to at 8pm (I's late but we figure it's only one time). So, we'll see how that works out for us. Hopefully she'll get to bed by 10pm and sleep through the night and sleep in tomorrow (I hope) because I can't handle another day of whining.

And to all....a merry christmas:)

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