October 30, 2008

The Morning After

It's 1:11 am, and I'm not asleep but wide awake! I should be grading the mound of papers staring at me but instead I just spent the last hour and half doing everything but that. And what's worse, none of that stuff was important, time sensitive, necessary, or any of those things that you sometimes find yourself doing during the midnight hour.

I did come across a great sale at Old Navy. Who can pass up a sale? I bought Daugther some cute shirts for $3.99 and a bunch of other stuff that she needs. The weather has been cool lately and she has grown out of all her clothes from last year. I love a sale and I love on-line shopping. I also "window shopped" a bunch of really cute shoes inspired by Fergie's recent post. I put them all in my shopping cart and then did not complete the sale. Does anyone ever do that? Shop on-line, put things in your cart, then not complete the purchase? I swear I get a thrill from doing that.

Okay, I'm going to bed right now! I mean it. And I will wake up exhausted, not ready to grade papers, and regretting every second of my last hour and half in the morning.

Good night.


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The blog you and your friends share is really interesting......I'm off to check more of it out!

Justice Fergie said...

lol. i do that shopping cart thing ALL the time. i think there are even companies that analyze user behavior to see why the number of items added to a shopping cart don't convert into a corresponding sale.

i guess it's like loading up your cart in a regular store and putting things back on the shelf right next to the cash register when it's time to checkout. i do THAT a lot too...

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