October 30, 2008

Our Ghoulish Gourd

Tonight we carved our first pumpkin! We've had pumpkins in the past, but usually I just draw the jack-o-lantern face on with a permanent marker (urban, I know) or I just stick in the Mr. Potato Head features and call it a day. But this year I decided that the girls were finally at an age where they would be excited and could help carve a pumpkin. I also have such great memories of my mom carving our Halloween pumpkins and I wanted to share that feeling with girls. I'm glad we did it! We had fun and it wasn't nearly as involved (or messy) as I thought.

The amateur sculptors, ready to go.

Spoons ready!

L'il Buddy makes an appearance.

Taking the pumpkin's "hat" off.

Halfway there...(notice the requisite Dora sticker)

Enjoying the show.

Mid-way through the doorbell rang and these goodies were left on our front step. Turns out we'd been "ghosted" by our neighbors. Cute!


Happy Halloween!!


Mommy B said...

Ok, please DO tell how you got that neat little jack-o-lantern face cut out so nicely! Last time I tried to do that I nearly severed a finger.

There is a pumpkin in my kitchen right now who has been tagged by my youngest for a jack-o-lantern but I don't want to traumatize him by having him watch me send myself to the emergency room. How did you do it?

Justice Jonesie said...

You have the best neighbors! Be sure to indicate that when you sell your home and move to ATL....:)

Nice pumpkins, the girls look so cute!

Daintry said...

What a cute pumpkin! We bailed out this year on making one since my dd is only 2 and there were NO pumpkins left at the store!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

What adorable pictures! Have a great Halloween!

A Shorter Mama said...

Baby Boy is growing up so fast, he is soooo cute. Still looking like a boy version of Giggles to me;)

Michele@Integrated Mother said...

Looks like a good Halloween time at your place! I love when we get "ghosted" by our neighbors...so much fun to spread the cheer!

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