November 03, 2008


Why is it that I'm more tired by Sunday night than I am by Friday? Well, if not more tired, it's at least a tie.

Friday was just insane from taking L'il Buddy to the dermatologist, to going to vote early, to going to the office late to rushing to take the train home to walking home from the grocery store after picking up the baby's prescriptions and buying Halloween candy (long story), to making chin straps for the girls' witch costume hats in about 1.5 minutes, to dressing myself up as a butterfly, to making the trick o' treating rounds in the neighborhood, to feeding everyone pizza for dinner, to falling into bed at who knows what time.

Saturday was spent cleaning like a maniac. By the end of the week, my house is a wreck and I spend the weekend putting it back in order. So, while hubby was at football and the girls got their hair braided by the woman who, thankfully, comes to our house, I did an obscene amount of laundry, scrubbed crayon off of the walls, cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets, swept and mopped floors. Then I snuck out to squeeze in a manicure, came home and took the baby for a walk, helped hubby rake leaves, made a run to Sears and then Home Depot with the gals for a tarp that hubby needed to do his yard cleanup and then schlepped the entire family out to dinner. (Which was absolutely delicious by the way).

Yesterday we were off to another early start. The kids cared not that we were given an extra hour of sleep and wanted "bwekfist" at 6:45am. So I dragged myself out of bed and made ham and cheese omelets and the day began. Hubby managed to escape and went to play basketball in the morning while I bathed children, applied prescription skin ointments to children, played WonderTown with children, nursed children, watched Dora Saves the Snow Princess with children and sent hubby threatening text messages until he rolled in the door. Then I jumped in the shower and ran to the hair salon to get my hair done with Chatterbox in tow (who promptly fell asleep on the hair dryer stations), sped to the department store to buy the family matching color shirts, flew home to get everyone dressed and to...get our family photos taken - which actually went surprisingly well. Then we got Wendy's drive-thru for "dinner," ate in the parking lot, and did our family-style Sunday grocery shopping.

You know what, nevermind. I totally get why I'm tired.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I do too! And even with meal "cheats" you still did alot! Mothers never cease to amaze me. Be sure to take a break for self - hopefully you have Mom nights out monthly like we do here in Atlanta.

Dee said...

I'm going to need a nap after reading that. I totally get it.

Mom on the Rise said...

I am ALWAYS more tired on Sunday- well when I was working out of the home. I think the weekends are not subject to our tight weekly schedule so we jam way too much in.

Justice Fergie said...

@Renee - yup, we have monthly Mom Nights Out here too. They totally keep me sane!

3XMom said...

wow! Sounds like my crazy weekends! Hang in there - eventually they will grow up! LOL

R-squared said...

Whew! What a weekend! Yes... they do grow up...but then you'll be like me ...wondering where all the time goes that you thought you'd have once they grew up! two cents?... take time to smell the coffee even if it's only to wake you up!!!! [I think the saying is really "take time to smell the roses"...but coffee works better in this instance! grin!]

Bam Bam's Mom said... are doing a whole lot girly. Let's give it up for SUPER MOM! You go girl!

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