August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Justice Jonesie Accomplished This Summer

1. Cleaned the Garage!!! Whoo-hooo! This was on my to-do list for about 2 years but I seriously have been wanting to do this since Christmas break. Hubby and I took advantage of our time off with the kids and put up these great Rubbermaid products that allows us to hang the bikes, yard tools, and pretty much everything else that clutters up the space. Now Hubby can park his car in the garage.

2. Garage Sale. See number 1, above. I got rid of a bunch of baby things that I wanted to either sell or give away. Whatever didn't sell at the garage sale, I listed on craigslist or donated.

3. Hung up pictures that were laying on my office floor since August 2006. I actually just did that this morning. But I did it!

4. Cleaned out master closet. Some of the things from the garage have now been stuffed into the back of our closet. Hey, no one can see it back there.

5. Made a chic nap blanket for Daugther to take to school. I'll have to post pictures of my latest sewing project. It's soooo cute.

6. Cleaned out all the junky toys stored under Oldest's bed. It's amazing how many broken toys and junk you realize you have when you finally start going through that stuff.

7. I relaxed and slept in. Something you have to make yourself do, otherwise, you won't do it.

8. Read three books. The Shell Game by Steve Alten (great book!), Yoga for Dummies (skimmed it really), and Journey into Power, Barone Baptiste. I wanted to read at least five but oh well.

9. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

10. I went to the gym at least three days week. Yet somehow I gained five pounds.

11. I arranged playdates for Oldest. He always complains I don't do it so I did it. So much easier to do it during the summer than during the school year.

12. Bought a grill and had friends over for a BBQ. No, we didn't replace an old grill. We actually never had a grill. Nuts, I know. We always grill when we go to visit my parents or Hubby's parents but it was time to get our own.

13. Last but not least, I cut and restyled my dry, limp, damaged hair that I've been dealing with for the past year or two. Having kids has really done something ugly to my hair. I'm starting fresh, going to take good care of it, and will wait until my hair grows long and lovely like it used to look years ago. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Katrina said...

Sounds like you managed to achieve a good deal of things for your summer

yasmin said...

Happy TT and nice to meet you. Will visit often as I like your blog.
Fellow TT Particpant

Alice Audrey said...

You cleaned the garage AND relaxed? I didn't do either. Sniffle.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Is it sad that I can relate so well to #9????
You accomplished much more than I did but I do have a 6 week downtime from surgery in June/July...Nice TT, I ne4ed to get to some sewing projects myself.
Hope you'll drop by for my TTs
The Cafe at the END of the Universe
Mama Bear Reads

samara said...

there's this great website that if found that has tons of helpful information to make the everyday topics of a mothers life seem a bit less overwhelming...

The Q Family said...

Great list! Kudo to you. Look like you have done a lot. I like this list. I might have to come up for my own TT next time. It's good to see what we have accomplished rather than what else we have to do. :)

Thanks for stopping by the Q Family.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Justice Fergie said...


No seriously, you did great! And I am in the same boat re my hair. It used to be so strong and lustrous. Maybe one day I'll get it back...

Joyce said...

Sounds like you got so much done, and had fun, too. Good for you!

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